Teens & Tweens: How to handle teenagers – Humour helps!

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Who doesn’t feel better after a good laugh?  Laughter is widely acclaimed as the best medicine for your health as well as for dealing with a difficult situation and parenting is no exception – particularly if there is a teenager in the house, as this month’s humorous selection of posts shows.

Nikki at Stressy Mummy has compiled a useful list of 12 things you should never do when a teenager is in the house and based on her experience, trying to be funny as a parent is definitely a big no, no in the eyes of any teenager.  After all as we all know the only people teenagers’ find funny are themselves.

The debate over how much screen time is too much for children rages on and Susie at So Happy In Town put her tongue firmly in her cheek when she took to the streets of London as a roving reporter asking parents their opinion, with the overwhelming consensus being a request for More Screen Time Please, which will no doubt allay the fears of many paranoid parents.

Humour is the trademark of the posts from Sharon at Everyone’s Buck Stops Here with her popular anecdotes from the Buck Family of familiar teen and tween family scenarios and her post Anyone Seen A Chocolate Orange is a hilarious tale which will no doubt be familiar to many chocolate crazed parents.

Dealing with a house full of growing tweens and teens is not without its challenges particularly when it comes to keeping it tidy and Liberty On The Lighter Side has combined her poetry skills with a good dose of humour in her post Twas The Night After Christmas to recount her quest for seeking help.

I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I did and please do email me at [email protected] with any submissions for future round-ups.  In the meantime please do check out the #TweensTeensBeyond linky on my blog for more posts on the highs, lows and funny bits of parenting teenagers.  Until next time.



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