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The summer holiday is close to over and the new school, college and university years are on the horizon.  Despite the habitual parental groans that precede the summer holiday period, it is more than any other, a time for stepping away from normal routines and commitments and regrouping as a family.  I for one relish the opportunity it offers to switch off and focus on my nearest and dearest and judging by the relative quiet in the teen and tween blogging community it would seem I am not alone in this.

The value of long lazy days and quality family time is evident in Enda’s piece The Idle Pleasures of These Departing Days in which he reflects on the joy of doing a lot but nothing in particular, a sentiment that we can no doubt all relate to as the holidays provide that wonderful opportunity to just kick back and quite simply be.

Going on holiday with teens can be a challenge, particularly during the later teenage years when they have invariably started to enjoy a slice of independence and quite frankly would rather be with their mates than their family.  The gorgeous Nikki at Midlife Chic is a parent to three teenagers and her two posts on their family holiday to Turkey Part One and Part Two provide a wonderful and honest insight into the potential glitches of holidaying with teens – FOMO on their part being a big one – we have all had to deal with that one I am sure.  It does also, however, come with a heavy dose of reassurance that it all works out in the end, even if mum has to step in and put her foot down and Nikki’s posts underline the value of family regrouping at whatever age. 

The inevitable point of parenting teens is letting them go to do it alone with friends and that comes of course with a whole different level of angst.  I have clocked up a few of these kind of holidays now, whether it be a weekend away, a festival or worse – the holiday abroad.  I am not alone I am sure in the anxiety that I feel as a mother so my own post focuses on the motherly advice we dish out to our teens with contributions from a selection of other bloggers in the same position.  If you have been there already or not I hope you will this post useful Motherly Advice For Teenagers Going On Holiday 

As our teens grow they inevitably move away whether that be to University, College or a different location.  It’s a tough time for all, a transition that is inevitable but nevertheless tough in whatever guise.  One post that really struck a chord with me this month is from the lovely Kate On Thin Ice.  Despite her acceptance of this scenario Kate writes with wonderful sensitivity as she lets her son go in her post Leaving Home – You Were Always Doing It.

Finally there cannot be a Teens & Tweens round-up of the summer without the inevitable nod to exam results.  Whether it be GCSE or A’Levels or even the University end of years, it is an anxious time and one that many have written about during their blogging break.  Sarah at Mum of Three World is great for sharing her stories and she has written a wonderful celebratory post on the success of her son which deserves a mention The A’Level Results

The Teen & Tween blogging world is small but it is always a pleasure to read stories from those in the same boat.  I hope you enjoy this selection if somewhat smaller than usual and will continue to share your experiences.

Until next time.

Jo x

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