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Teens and Tweens: Thriving vs surviving in lockdown

Teens and Tweens: Thriving vs surviving in lockdown

Read the author’s enlightening Lockdown interview with her tweens and tweens! (link below) Photo credit: Liberty on the Lighter Side

‘Surviving’ seems to be one of the big buzzwords at the moment, along with ‘coping’ (or ‘not coping’) and ‘homeschooling’. Suddenly, during this period of lockdown, ordinary mums and dads have been tasked with being homeschoolers while also having to possibly work from home. This would be barely achievable if you didn’t also have to manage the rollercoaster of  moods and tantrums that are being thrown into the mix (and I’m talking just about the adults here, let alone the teens and tweens). 

As time stretches on and more events are cancelled, we have teenagers who are mourning the loss of the exciting summer activities and concerts that they were looking forward to. At the best of times it’s not always easy to communicate with our older children as they are reluctant to let us into their world, now more than ever we are having to find ways to draw them out, to discover what they are feeling.

Because we haven’t experienced anything like this before, we are all groping in the dark a little. We have days when we feel inadequate in what we have accomplished in the homeschooling and parenting arenas, when we worry that our kids aren’t keeping up with learning expectations, when we fall apart and take it out on our families as we are ‘having a moment’ as Jo describes in her post below.

We may be wondering whether our summer plans will unfold or whether they will become pipedreams, while also being concerns for our parents and those who are especially vulnerable to this virus.

This time is not easy for any of us but there have been some positive moments mixed in amongst all the struggles. There may be some new things that your family have tried and would love to keep these up after lockdown is over. We would like to not just survive this virus but take the best from this unconventional season of our lives and thrive in it.

I have compiled a collection of 6 posts from other parents with their tips, special memories, anxieties and hopes during this season, touching on the various themes I mentioned above. I am sure you will find something that is helpful or that you can identify with at the moment.

  1. How are my kids coping? I know what’s going through my own head (most of the time) but I was wondering how my 4 children were feeling so I interviewed each of them separately with specific questions relating to lockdown here in I interview my ‘Quaranteens’ and ‘Quaranteen’ about our ‘Current Situation’. Perhaps you would like to ask your own children some of the same questions to tease out how they are coping?
  2. Tips to help them, and us, cope with Lockdown: So maybe you know how you are all feeling (not great) but don’t know how to handle it. Jo from Mother of Teens shares her 7 tips on surviving Lockdown with teens.  As she says: ‘Friends and freedom – the two things which form the bedrock of their existence and which they have always taken for granted, have literally been removed overnight and the only option to them now is more home time’. We need all the tips at the moment and I love how hers are helpful for her kids as well as her. Have you tried any of her suggestions in your own family?
  3. Homeschool tips: Cheryl from Time to Craft says that this time is “Not what I’d planned but life has a way of doing that.” In her recent post ‘Nurture’ she describes her time for herself on the quiet mornings when her teens are still asleep. (Lie-ins and quiet mornings, one of the greatest benefits of teen children!) She also shares how she manages homeschooling her teens with valuable tips from her experience in teaching. How are your teens and tweens managing with homeschool?
  4. What about the fun times in between? We are finding we suddenly have plenty of free time too when we used to be running around to evening extra carricular activities. I am constantly trying to encourage my kids to get off their various electronic devices and our family loves board games so I have compiled a list of our favourites here in 30 boardgames for tweens and teens. Have you played all of these? Are there any games you’d add to the list?
  5. Will our summer happen? Each week we hear of more cancellations and extentions to our social isolation or lockdown restrictions. It is becoming impossible to plan ahead or know what our summer holidays will look like. Sarah of Mum of Three World dreams about the summer holidays in Lockdown Looking Forward. Have you got plans for a holiday this coming summer, or have they been cancelled?
  6. Lockdown keepers: There have certainly been many positive times in this season too, we have learnt new skills, got to know our neighbours a little better and started new traditions with our families. In her brilliantly funny post Helen from Actually Mummy shares ten things she’s keeping when lockdown ends. What special activities would you like to maintain as a family after this is all over?

One thing all these posts have in common is that we’d like to not just survive lockdown but find ways to thrive in it. Once again, thanks for reading and do keep in touch, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Take care, stay home and stay safe.

Sending you best wishes and a socially distanced, virtual hug.

Liberty xx (Liberty on the LIghter Side)


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