Teen & Tween Round-up: Bullying & sexting

teen boy with ipad miniIt’s December, the month of goodwill to all men. So will the teens and tweens stop sulking for long enough to open their iPads and XBoxes (or whatever they have these days)? Joking aside, we’ve got a really mixed bag of posts this month, including some serious messages about bullying and social media that we should all be aware of as parents.

First up, Tracy over at The Williams World wrote about how her tween son went to the cinema with his dad, but chose to sit separately. Tracy was understandably upset about this. What do you think?

Someone else finding their parents embarrassing is Middle Aged Matron’s daughter – who is picking her mum up on her fashion choices and is far too tired to tidy her bedroom. Have a read and a laugh.

As it’s December, we can’t ignore Christmas. I’m not the most Christmassy of people, so it’s surprising that the Christmas post is coming from me over at MumofThree World. Have you ever tried buying presents for tween boys? I have and it’s really difficult. Anyone else find the same?

If you’ve not yet reached the teen and tween years, you might think parents of big kids have it easy – no nappies, no night-feeds, no terrible twos… But as Suzanne at 3 Children and It tells us, there is later bedtimes, lending your clothes to your daughters and an awful lot of time spent driving the kids around.

Not Supermum has been doing my job for me again with another round-up of bloggers writing about living with teenagers as well as a little bit of light relief in the form of Jack Dee.

Mobile phones are great for helping us keep track of our kids, aren’t they? But what about when they’ve forgotten their phones or the phones have broken? Sonya at Rock ‘n’ Roll Mum shares her experiences when no news wasn’t good news.

What would have happened if social media had been around when you were a teen? Would you have shared too much? Chelsea Mamma has a really interesting post for us this month on teens being careful of what they share on social media and how it can affect other areas of their lives.

This theme is continued on Barbie Bieber and Beyond, which gives  lots of advice to parents on teens and their mobile phones and what they might be using them for – whether it’s sexting, Snap Chat or cyber bullying.

Many people were shocked recently by the death of Izzy Dix, who committed suicide after being bullied. Bloggers have joined the campaign to get the website Ask FM shut down. Before she died, Izzy wrote a poem which was a cry for help. In response, her teacher wrote a poem for her. Thanks to Vicky at Verily Victoria Vocalises for sharing that poem with us I really hope it raises awareness even further of the issue of bullying amongst teenagers.

That’s all for this month. If you’ve written about teens or tweens lately, feel free to add your posts to the linky below. Or why not submit them for next month’s round-up?

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