Teen & Tween Round-up: Alcohol & survival

teen boy with ipad miniWould you believe the Teen and Tween Round-up has been going for a whole two years now? That’s an awful lot of studying, sulking and gaming!

GCSEs and A Levels are just around the corner, so now is the time for you teens to seriously get their heads down and start studying (although obviously they’ve started already, right?!). Emma from Emma and 3 is not only mum to a teenager, she’s a former teacher, so I reckon her tips on getting teens to study are spot-on! Now can you just pop round to mine and get my son started, Emma?!

Emma is full of good advice this month, as she also shares with us her tips for getting teenagers to get a good night’s sleep. That’s another thing we struggle with at our house, so I’m taking these on board!

When you’ve got teenagers, school is always high on the family’s agenda. I love this funny post from The 40 Year Old Domestic Goddess on the bun fight that is the secondary school parents’ evening. Do you recognise anyone?

As we all know, parenting teenagers is a very different ball game to parenting toddlers and primary age kids. If you’re struggling, Nellie Pom Poms has come up with some very helpful strategies for making it through the minefield.

Suzanne at 3 Children and It has shared her experiences of parenting teenagers too. She reminds us that, although it seems like a difficult time, it’s really a waiting game and they will come out of it unscathed, as adults we will be proud to call our sons and daughters. Elsewhere, she shares 25 of the things she’s learned about teenagers this year alone – including, yes, they do still get headlice!

And still on the theme of learning about teenagers, over at Motherhood Journeys, Corinne shares her experience of the ups and downs of living with a teenager – and seeing him come out the other side. It’s a beautiful read and an encouraging one for those of us with slightly younger teens.

It’s so important to celebrate our kids’ achievements and I love this post from Mummy Endeavours about her son’s incredible achievement in swimming. I also love that it was an experience she shared with him and that she supported him all the way. Without our support, our kids won’t achieve their true potential, whether academically, in sport, music or anything else.

Mummy Endeavours is back writing about the break-up of her teenage son’s relationship. When a teenager breaks up with their girlfriend or boyfriend, it can be hard for the parents too who may have built up a strong bond with the girlfriend/ boyfriend over the years.

Elizabeth from Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary is new to the round-up (welcome, Elizabeth!). She shares with us the scary story of her son’s appendicitis. How often do we dismiss our teenager’s ailments and leave them to deal with it themselves? This is a definite reminder that we must remember to keep an eye on them.

Over at MumofThree World, it’s not unusual to find me less than complimentary posts about my 13 year old son. But he reminded me of the lovely boy he really is recently, when he stepped in to help his ill sister and the whole family. I couldn’t have been more proud.

Crazy With Twins has three small children, so we don’t expect to find her on the Teen and Tween Round-up, but she shared an important post about the return of Bebo – the social network from back in the day. She made the alarming discovery that every swear word or slang word for a sex act had an image to accompany it. These images made me feel quite sick – and they are images any child could discover very easily online.

When kids are little, it’s relatively easy to get them to eat healthily (even when they’re fussy!), but as teenagers they’re spending more time out of the house and you’re less in control. Chelsea Mamma had a shock when she discovered just what her teenage son had been eating. From the wrappers that end up in my washing machine, I know she’s not the only one!

Who drinks more than when their kids were little? Best Dad I Can Be is pondering his own drinking now his kids are grown up, while he watches the football and avoids cleaning the kitchen… Was this before or after his younger son went for his very first overnight party involving girls and booze?

On the subject of alcohol, Fiona at Coombe Mill shares a personal post on alcohol and her family. Her children have never been discouraged from drinking, in the hope they would grow up with a responsible attitude to alcohol, so it was a shock when one of them got very drunk. This is a really honest post and I would encourage all parents to read it.

Toddlers say such funny things, don’t they? But, actually, teenagers do too. This post from Sounding Like My Mother made me laugh (and reminded me rather a lot of my own 13 year old son!).

That’s about all for this month. If you blog about teens and tweens, feel free to add your post to the linky below, or tweet me your links to share in next month’s round-up.

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About Sarah Wood

Sarah is mum to a teenage boy and a tween boy and girl. When it comes to primary school stuff, she’s got it sussed. But she’s realising that as secondary school and puberty hit, she’s still got a lot to learn!
Between tweeting, blogging and parenting, Sarah is a freelance PR and copywriter, who still finds time to run long distances and eat a lot of chocolate. It doesn’t leave much time for housework.


  1. 05 April 2015 / 23:15

    Thanks for including me. Bebo have unofficially responded to me (in one tweet) stating that they will add a warning to the signup form, but that is apparently all they can do! Shocking! And shouldn’t they have done this prior to launching?

    • 09 April 2015 / 07:29

      They definitely should! One tweet isn’t really a sufficient response. Let’s hope nobody bothers signing up.