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dress style 610This past month, I’ve been addicted to looking at street style photographs from London Fashion Week. I’m actually not that interested in the catwalk shows – as, for very logical business reasons, they are looking so far ahead in time (I like to live in the now – the child/noise/cleaning filled now…sigh) But I also struggle with the conceptual fashion that is featured…I’m not good with concepts – I need to see the real, wearable and affordable item of clothing and I don’t think I’m alone in that need.

But what I DO love about Fashion Week is the street style of the bloggers, journalists and fashionistas who mill about Somerset House between shows. Yes, lots of them are way-out and tend to get photographed more than others for that reason. But the majority are fabulous on-trend stylish men and women wearing an enviable combination of designer and the High Street. For me street style is endlessly more inspiring than catwalk fashion. There is something so powerful about seeing a real person mixing brands and trends and making it wearable and achievable for the rest of us.

So I’ve particularly enjoyed compiling this month’s selection of London Fashion Week Street Style Blogs!

First up, it’s Alex, who works for Red Magazine but blogs over at The Frugality, where she gives fantastic hints about how to live a frugal (but not cheap) life. I’m a huge fan of Alex’s style and always look forward to her outfit posts, especially during London Fashion Week. This year, she posted every day – my favourite was her Day 2 Outfit.

Next up, Marlene at Chocolate Cookies and Candies. Marlene is an amazing photographer whose blog posts are a visual treat whether they are about food or handbags…and there are plenty of posts about handbags! Not a lot Marlene can’t tell you about a designer bag. As well as attending LFW herself for the first time, I loved this post where she featured her favourite chic & practical street style looks.

Laura at That’s So Yesterday is another blogger I really enjoy. Also a mum, she has a rocking personal style and lucky her, she was also at Fashion Week papping some of her blogging friends. Lots of inspiration from the pictures on this post. I particularly love all the trendy trainers popping up with the most unlikely of outfits. Need to work out how to integrate that into my school gate outfits.

that's so yesterday

Image courtesy of Laura @ That’s So Yesterday

I adore the photography on this post by Lella Victoria on Creators of Desire. She captured some amazing accessories and coats when Street Style spotting at LFW. Also, if this post doesn’t give you enough street style, Creators of Desire has a bunch of other posts with videos and photograhs. Enough to keep you occupied for more than a few hours.

Finally, Motel Rocks Blog held a blogger event at London Fashion Week and took some fantastic street style photos of the most stylish of the fashion bloggers out there. Even though I’m old enough to be mum to most some of these girls, I love checking out their unique style and pinching bits of it for my more sedate wardrobe.

The challenge for me now – integrating some of these looks into my day to day. Obviously, lots of it is too way out for Belfast on a cold rainy March morning but I’m definitely looking forward to including elements of it all…starting with my recent boyfriend jeans purchase and an impending wedge trainer buy also…more about that next month!

harper's bazaar

Image courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

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