Style Round-up: A new year wardrobe refresh

Happy new year everyone! I love this time of year for refreshing my look; the best sales are on at all my favourite clothing stores so it’s a great time to update my wardrobe. I’ve stocked up on new skinny jeans, cosy knits, sock boots and cute dresses to see me through the rest of the winter season. Do you remember that awesome t-shirt that I mentioned lusting after in my last Style Round-up? My husband got it for me for Christmas, hurrah!



Me, me, me. This is the year that I’m going to focus more on me. Not in a selfish way, just in a “looking after myself” kind of way. I’m always running myself ragged putting everyone else’s needs before my own. Which is cool, that’s just what we do as parents isn’t it? But I’m going to spend a few minutes, a few hours if I’m reeeeally lucky, each week to focus on myself and remember that I’m important too. I’ve started buying myself flowers each week again, they make me smile when I walk into the room and see them. So simple. I’ve got a thing for roses at the moment, they’re just so beautiful, and Rose is my daughter’s middle name ❤️ I had my beady eyes on this @joanieclothing tee for months, ever since I saw @zoella wearing it in one of her vlogs, so I asked the hubby to get me it for Christmas. He gets me the best tees, and I fricking love this one! 😍 #mamastyle #easylikesunday

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The children are growing like weeds so I have overhauled their wardrobes too. My latest Mini Style post features the cutest little matching leggings and headband, I think you’ll agree that Essie looks totally adorable! I’m going to do a little video soon to show what clothes she’s got in her next size, her clothes are just amazing! 

Whilst we’re on the topic of adorable kids and amazing clothes, did you see Meet the Wildes post about their non-traditional festive day out? Twins, more twins and two gorgeous mamas, all in outfits to swoon over, you must take a look!

Boxing Day!  Boxing Day is always my favourite part of Christmas; when I was small it was always a wind-down day, a ponies-and-play day, for riding in the morning and quietly refamiliarisation with yesterday's toys in the afternoon.  Yesterday, we visited with my mother and sister and as we walked the mile home in the dark, pausing to admire the lights adorning the houses, I squeezed my little boys' hands and thought about how lucky we are.  And when I ruined Christmas dinner we laughed and ordered in pizza instead. 😂 Have you ever noticed how a pizza slice is sort of tree-shaped?  Today we've had chocolate biscuits for breakfast and I'm taking the boys and Josephine-dog out to look for dinosaurs whilst the girls nap and their mama sits down for five minutes.  It's been a good Christmas in spite of its rocky start.  And to think – I was so worried about Christmas that we celebrated a no-pressure alternative 'early' Christmas at the beach weeks ago, which you can read about on the @alexandalexacom blog if you'd like (you should, it was excellent – and I'll blog some extra pictures soon). But this Christmas?  This Christmas has been spectacular.  How was yours? #freerangekids #dresskids_likekids #thehappynow #rememberingthesedays #lovelifeoutside #lifecloseup #worldoflittles #happylittlebuttons #letthembelittle #littlestoriesofmylife #momentslikethese #celebrate_childhood #camera_mama #theirwonderfulworld #myhappycapture #developinglife #pixel_kids #littlefierceones #oureverydaymoments #thebestineveryday #perfectandproud #clickinmoms #simplychildren #mycolourfulkids #illuminatechildhood #childhoodunplugged #runwildmychild #siblings #winterstyle #samesexparents

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I think pregnancy is the best time to be a little bolder with your wardrobe choices and embrace that beautiful bump. If you’re not sure how to style your bump then Leyla from Motherhood Diaries has a post with lots of advice on how to stay looking fabulous throughout.

And finally, if December has left your purse quivering in your handbag, then don’t worry, you can totally overhaul your wardrobe without spending a penny! Style queen Lara from Adventures of a Mum shows you how in this video where she declutters her wardrobe. I do this myself twice a year (at the end of winter and the end of summer) and the process leaves me feeling like I’ve actually got more clothes. Give it a try! 

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