Spring Has Sprung! April’s Video Round-up

video round upWelcome to the April video round-up where vloggers have been out and about this month enjoying the longer days and dreaming of taking everything off, draping on a sun lounger and letting the hot summer sun bake over their bodies! Oh wait! That’s just me getting ahead of myself!

Spring has certainly sprung and I’m loving the sunny days but wish the warmth would just hurry up so I can start wearing sandals instead of my winter boots, and so I can also get out my camcorder and vlog some hot stuff. I must have been watching too many ’80s movies lately but all I feel like doing is putting on my roller boots and skating along, vlogging the scenery as I fly past!

So until I can shed some layers, let’s get back to our theme this month – ‘Spring’. Would you believe it- I actually did a whole blog post on Spring Cleaning but published it before I’d thought to record a video. So instead for my ‘Spring’ vloggy contribution, I experimented with Instagram Video and filmed a short clip to share what activities I have planned for my kids at Easter!

My best vlog of the month at JuggleMum is something I get asked a lot, which is how to season Pampered Chef stoneware, so I thought I’d record a ‘how to’ video to make it easy!

This month, Ruth from Geekmummy spent a week with a new Volvo V40 and tells us about her experience in this post. The video within the post shows how the car parks itself!! It parks itself!! Amazeballs – I need one of these!

Eileen from ET Speaks From Home has been doing a science experiment recently! In this post she shows how to make one of those ‘Buzz’ wire games (remember those from the 80’s when you were a kid?!) This is pretty cool – I think my children would enjoy making one of these!

Lyndsey, the Queen of Easy Green vlogged her first DIY attempt at building her own ‘recycled-inspired’ garden. I’ve shown this video to my son as he is doing an environmentally friendly garden design for his class project!

Vicki from Mummys Got Style celebrated her first blogaversary with a vintage tea party! You can see the girls enjoying a fun and fashionable day here! Many of us know Vicky from her ‘other’ blog Honest Mum.

Lastly, Foodie Laura has been trying out loads of chocolate Easter eggs and reviewing them for her blog! What a perfect job! Get your chocolate fix here

If you didn’t get your posts to me in time to be included in April’s round-up then please share them on the linky below. Also leave a comment! Let us know if you have any ideas for future video round-up themes!

The theme for May’s video round-up is ‘Me’. If you are new to vlogging, why don’t you introduce yourself, maybe you could vlog some tips for getting some ‘me time’ or perhaps you want to do a vlog with your ‘mini me’! As always, interpret the theme how you wish and send your blog posts containing your video by Friday 16th May. You can tweet me, @Businessmum, or email me through my blog JuggleMum.

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Nadine is a marketer, digital creator and ex BritMums Editor who started blogging in the mid 2000’s whilst working from home around her young family.
Her blog JuggleMum won an award for video and covered many lifestyle subjects from fashion to food to entrepreneurship whilst also inspiring content creation for her YouTube channel @MrsNadineHill.
Nadine loves hanging out with her teenage children who keep her (mostly) current – although apparently no-one says ‘hanging out’ any more!
When she’s not with her family she’s at the gym or in a coffee house in Yorkshire somewhere (she’s been to most of them!) – photographing her cappuccino for the grid.
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  1. 16 April 2014 / 19:19

    Thanks Sarah! Jessica does a great job! If you do another this month, do send it to me so I can feature it in the video roundup next month!

  2. 16 April 2014 / 22:58

    My recent ‘Spring Cleaning’ post offers ten tips for cleaning kid dirt with Cif clean cleaner!

    I think using video is a great way of showing the ‘before and after’ of cleaning children’s handprints from the walls. Do you agree?


    • 28 April 2014 / 13:07

      Hi Jane
      I was a million percent sure that I’d replied to your comment but it seems I didn’t! Sorry about that!!
      Thanks for commenting:-)

      • 28 April 2014 / 13:08

        haha I’ve just seen that I did reply – below as a stand alone comment and not a ‘reply’!

  3. 24 April 2014 / 10:44

    Oooooh, I didn’t know there was a BritMums video roundup. I’ve really enjoyed having a look at the ones you mentioned from this month.
    I’ve been doing a lot more video on my blog lately so I’ve linked up a couple (hope thats okay) Will keep a look out and send you a link if I have anything that fits “me” for this month. x

    • 28 April 2014 / 13:12

      Hey Lucy
      Yes, I compile this roundup every month so please do send me any links to your blog posts that contain video!!!
      Please feel free to link up your posts as you have done- that’s what the Linky is there for and don’t worry if you don’t produce video that fits the monthly theme…. I set a theme each month as a way of motivating people to produce a video if they are stuck for a subject but I will feature all posts that contain video (as long as they are personal blogs and not like advertising!! and as long as they are not offensive and inappropriate etc!)

      Whatever you vlog about this month, send me the URL to my email – I’m at [email protected] and then I can look at it for the next roundup. I do them all the time so keep em coming!!

  4. 24 April 2014 / 13:54

    Hi Jane
    Yes, video is certainly a great way to do ‘before and after’!!

    If you do any more video next month, send me the link so I can use it in the May Round-up!