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Cats Protection is a national charity that looks after lots of lovely kittens and cats that are in need.

We sent our Charity Editor, Kate on a family visit to find out more.

Kate comments: “We were really impressed with the cleanliness and facilities for the cats. They had indoor and outdoor space and had toys and blankets to keep them both amused and cosy. With free entry and parking and an affordable café, the National Centre in Sussex is a great day out.”

Kate and family had a lovely day out and fell in love with every cat they saw. Unfortunately they were not able to visit the Maternity Unit as a young cat had just given birth and was in some distress. This was a clear and wonderful signal that Cats Protection put cat welfare first. The centre has its own vets and an isolation wing to ensure disease is not spread.


You can read more about Kate’s visit including information on children’s parties, shopping and play area. The Centre also has a nature trail.

Kate’s son Ramsey had a favourite cat called Maypole. The family were delighted to hear they could sponsor Maypole’s pen for just £6 per month. The lovely news is that Maypole has now found a lovely new home with a lady who gives him lots of cuddles. However, sponsorship means that other cats will be supported and Cats Protection share the stories of the cats in the specific pen with sponsors regularly. Unlike most animal adoption schemes, it means you get to know a lot of cats and can visit them when the mood takes you.


Find out more about cat sponsorship

If you are considering rehoming a cat, you can do a search online to see if there is a suitable cat close to you. Please do consider a black cat as these prove challenging to rehome.

Cats Protection has some awesome information on cat care.

Cats Protection also has a fun kids’ section with games and other activities.

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