#SnapHappyBritMums Spotlight: Summer

Each month on this website, we highlight our favourite contribution from the #SnapHappyBritMums Instagram community. Anyone can join in with the snap happy fun – all you need to do is add the hashtag #snaphappybritmums to your Instagram shares and you can also insert @BritMums too! The #snaphappybritmums community is growing as more of you are joining in, and once a month we highlight one of you who has used the hashtag within the last month in our ‘spotlight’ post!
For August I’m liking this shot from @theoplusgrace as it has such a lovely moody sky!

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Thanks for sharing with #snaphappybritmums @theoplusgrace A play area that was empty, a good post day and soap making. Just an average summer holidays day. Lots of morning fresh air plus delivering photographs to Nanna and Grandpappi while T had a trip to the barbers. We are getting nearer and nearer to our trip to Lego land. I can't wait. I've not packed anything yet. I'm torn between taking a festival wagon or the buggy or renting a buggy when we are there for G. She only wants to walk but when she doesn't want to we all get a request for a quick carry. 90 mins later. . #discoverunder5k #discoverunder10k #norfolk #norfolkbloggers #sea #seaside #waves #capturinglife #lifecaptured #mumgram #todaysportrait #explorewithtplusg #instakids #motherhoodthroughinstagram #igchildhood #childofig #acupofmotherhood #littleandbrave #ourcandidlife #summer #eagrammers #snaphappybritmums #mundsley #igmotherhood #pblogger #mummyblogger #mumblogger #igdaily #everydaymoments

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I’m also loving this shot from @myshabbybohome as it is simple and makes me feel warm when I look at it!

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Have a fabulous summer!

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