Shopping Hauls: The return of the boot sale!

Shopping Hauls Round-up

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Isn’t it great to be in the middle of summer? When our great British weather isn’t raining, I love the sun, the barbecues and ….The Boot Sales!
Typically held over the weekend, boot fairs have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years; so much so, that it’s not uncommon to find brand new designer clobber stalls mixed in with old men selling old tools. If you haven’t been to one in a while (or haven’t been to one at all), I’d highly recommend them.

One person who’d agree with me is Emma from Devon Mum who picked up a mahoosive haul at her local Boot Fair.

Goodies included dolls and books for her kids, plus clothes for herself from Sainsbury’s, Next, River Island, M&S, New Look, Top Shop, Primark, Great Plains London and Asda  – and all for just £5, which is incredible.

To top it off, she also managed to pick up a bedside lamp that she’d been looking for – for just £1.

Smug shopping

Talking of bargains, I recently wrote a piece, ‘Proud To Go Pound’, where I managed to source some lovely bird houses (my guilty pleasure) from Poundland.

There’s something quite smug when you manage to find something you love for a fraction of the cost it would be anywhere else.

Kind of like when you go away on holiday, meet another family and find out you paid half as much as they did for the same holiday. Yes, a twinge of guilt might bubble on the surface (especially if you like them), but you feel smug all the same.

An Aladdin’s cave

Another place to pick up some fab bargains is of course the charity shop – a place where Emma at Fashion Mommy frequently visits when she’s on a strict budget.

And she’s right when she says ‘Charity shops can also be hiding designer bargains’, showcasing a range of beautiful clothing she managed to collect, as well as a pair of Louboutins Pigalle which she picked up for £25 in Age Concern – it just goes to show!

Sticking to High Street shops, bargain seekers can often be found pouring over the rails at Primark. And even if you’re not looking for anything specifically (or even need anything), once you step beyond Primark’s doors, it’s impossible to come out empty-handed. There’s always something to catch your eye.

Primark picks

Sally at The Midway Vlogs (who produces some great videos – mainly on beauty), recently caught my attention when she went on a couple of shopping hauls to Primark.

Amongst her bargain buys were a t-shirt for £2.50, some grey sweatpants for £6, a dusty pink sweatshirt (fleece lined) for £5, Converse-style trainers for £6, a pleated skirt for £8 and a print dress for £13.

But being an interiors fan, I loved her haul from H&M where she managed to pick up a few accessories to make her Instagram feed pop – what a fab idea!

They included a ‘Love’ trivet for £4.99, a Pineapple Jar for £8.99 and another trivet for £8.99.

Supermarket sweeps

Speaking of interiors, Caroline from Girl About Townhouse also made the most of the sales – this time from Aldi and Sainsburys.

Her haul from Aldi included a throw for £14.99, a cushion for £8.99 and a beanbag to complement her living room colour scheme for £29.

Lottie from A Childminding Mummy also splashed the cash in Aldi, picking up some valuable supplies for ‘Back to school’ – a great idea doing this now rather than the mad rush just before they go back!

And it’s not just the High Street shops and supermarkets that are jumping on the bandwagon with their great low prices and sales – as Carol from FamilyMakes demonstrates in her super haul from online store, DotComGiftShop.

Well done Carol on picking up some great buys – including a Herb House for £6.95 (reduced from around £20), some heart cushions for £3.95 and packs of decorative buttons for £1.

So that pretty much wraps up the bargain finds for this month; if you’d like to showcase your best buys, then feel free to join my #SnappedUp Linky – or you can tweet me @LaurettaCWright.

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