Shopping Hauls: Supermarket sweeps – ‘aisle’ be there!

Shopping Hauls Round-up

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Isn’t it great what bargains you can pick up in some of the budget supermarkets? I’m always popping into my local Lidl to see what seasonal goods they’ve got in store and what speciality week it is.

I’ve even managed to pick up some great purchases – amongst my favourite were two bird houses built in the shape of a caravan.

They’re the sort of thing you’d find in some independent garden centre – very unique and would usually come with a hefty price tag to match.

But not these – I paid just £6 each for mine, and now that the nice weather has made an appearance, they take pride of place in my back garden.

All about Aldi

It’s great to see the supermarkets (and not just the budget ones) capitalise on emerging trends.

As an example, Aldi has just launched its new Costal Collection this month featuring a range of accessories and furniture – from wall hung clocks and lanterns to doorstops and cabinets.

It looks like Musings of a Tired Mummy also managed to pick up some fab bargains at an Aldi store.

In fact, for the grand total spend of £24.97 she managed to bag two swing vests, a pair of jeans AND a denim dress. Not bad at all for a thrifty clothes haul!

As we all know, it’s not just the budget supermarkets that offer prices not to be sniffed at!

It’s Primani dahling

Primark is another favourite pick for bloggers doing hauls – and Miss Tempted didn’t miss the opportunity to get some great gear.

In her ‘Primark/Boohoo/Miss Tempted Haul’ vlog, she showcases some great clobber including one of my favourite pieces – a pink ‘Girl Power’ t-shirt that was originally £2.50 and reduced to £1! Girl power indeed! 

Get inspired

And of course one store where you’re always sure to pick up a bargain is Ikea. When I read Girl About Townhouse’s NEXT & Ikea haul, it reminded me that you can bag some really unique goodies for amazing prices.

Caroline picked up some really cute Flamingo glasses for just 50p; they were so cute in fact that I picked them up myself when I was in store!

Other bargains she nabbed (for her African-inspired dining room) included place mats – a snip at £3.75, each, table runners for £5 and wine glasses for £1!

Sale success

Back on the High Street, Nomipalony capitalised on a sale that H&M were running – and in fact vlogged about the haul wearing a ‘We Matter’ t-shirt that she bought at the sale for £7.64.

But my fave item of clothing she bought was the ‘Girl Crew’ black hoodie for £3.82. It was right up my street and I was half tempted to message her asking to buy it off her!

So what’s the learning lesson this month? Well, as well as the fabulous bargains you can pick up on the High Street, don’t discount the supermarkets!

Over the years they’ve become great at capitalising on emerging purchasing trends – even sometimes being quick enough to launch their own version of on-trend items.

So next time you’re passing a Lidl or Aldi – or any bargain supermarket for that matter, it might be worth having a peruse of their wares – you might just be surprised!

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