Shopping Hauls: Ready, set, shop!

Shopping Hauls Round-up

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Temperatures have dropped, Halloween has been and gone and we’re on the home straight for Christmas.
And with Christmas in sight – and the High Street shops trying to outdo one another with discounts and sales in a bid to tempt consumers, we’re chomping at the bit and shopping in our droves.
In fact, I already know two friends who have finished their Christmas shopping already; yes, you read that right…they’ve finished!
Christmas dash.
I’m only a tiny bit jealous of course. Actually, I’m a lot jealous. I would love nothing more than to have that smug, knowing feeling as I watch people run round like headless chickens trying to decide what to buy.

And every year I vow (along with the obligatory New Year’s Resolution to lose weight) that I will have all my Christmas shopping done by the end of October.

Unfortunately for me, I’m that sad headless chicken – not only running around – but getting myself into more debt. And then I spend January sulking because I can’t go sale shopping as I’ve nothing left to borrow.

I digress.

Unless your kids are too young to read your blog or watch your videos, you’re going to have a problem revealing your Christmas shopping purchases.

With my kids now 10 and 12 years (and with one of them having their own YouTube channel), I can’t get away with revealing my gift buys anymore.

Fortunately for Laura (from Tired Mummy and Zac), she still can,and she got a great bargain when she bought this Blox Battleship from Wilko, which is over one metre long!

I know I would have loved that as a present for Christmas. I’ve just had a check on the price and it was originally £60 but is now selling for £40, so if you’ve got older kids that would love it, now is the time to buy it seems!

Grub’s up

Meanwhile, I’ve noticed a few bloggers have started to pick up bits and pieces food-wise in preparation for the festive season, which is a good idea (a) if you have the storage and (b) if there are some great special offers available.

Lottie from A Childminding Mummy popped along to Aldi and got herself a huge food haul, along with a few non-perishable items, saving herself a fortune. It’s amazing just how much you can save.

As Lidl’s on my doorstep, I tend to shop there more often, but I do wish there was an Aldi close to me as they do some great gear.

Penny pinchers

Feeling skint around Christmas often drives people to hunting out some great bargains.

And where better to pick up those bargains than Primarni (Primark)?

Pip Milburn got herself some nice cosy knits from Primark in all sorts of colours in preparation for winter, which starts on 1st December.

With prices starting from £10, you can’t argue with that!

Finally, I’ll leave you with this candle haul from Primark that I filmed earlier this month.

I love candles and I was feeling pretty good at all the bargains I grabbed in my haul. Well, it’s the closest feeling I’ll get to having that smug feeling near Christmas, that’s all I can say!

Happy shopping all – and do let me know what you’ve managed to pick up! You can also join the monthly #SnappedUp Linky where I’ll be checking out your fab purchases! 

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