Shopping Hauls: It’s sales galore on the high street!

Shopping Hauls Round-up

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Everywhere you look there seems to be a sale on. I’m not complaining of course – it’s fabulous news – I just wish I had the time to make the most of the sale bargains by:

  • Having more money, and
  • Having more time to shop

I did however manage a sneaky visit to Dunelm Mill a few weeks ago to capitalise on the fact that it was promoting a half price sale – and I got the girls to come with me.

I always enjoy sale shopping with the girls as we always aim to down tools (shopping bags) and catch up over a cuppa – and in this case – cake too!

Someone else who picked up a few High Street bargains was Claire from Life, Love and Dirty Dishes.

I am partial to having a browse in Flying Tiger whenever I pass the store (they have some great, affordable gifts for kids), so when I saw Claire’s ‘5 Under £5 post’ on Flying Tiger’s toys for kids, I just had to take a look.

Claire picked up a few great buys – especially now that the weather is getting warmer – and found a selection of outdoor toys including play swords, a bug catcher and a bubble blower – they should keep the kids entertained outside for a few hours!

Seasonal sales deals

Have you noticed how supermarkets have clothes reductions every now and then? I live near Sainsbury’s and every so often I’ll pop in store to discover they are offering 25% off all TU clothing.

Considering the clothes are affordable anyway, it makes clothes shopping a real bargain when you sale shop.

Laura from Musings of a Tired Mummy got a huge clothing haul from Sainsburys making full use of its 25% off deal.

Shopping for her kids she purchased a summer dress, a pack of three t-shirts, a pack of two t-shirts, a pack of three school polo shirts, a pack of three white t-shirts for school, navy leggings and three pairs of shoes – all for less than £50 – Boom!

The best of the rest

Of course we all know that Primark offers amazing value for money when it comes to clothes shopping.

Lauren from Dilan and Me lost an AMAZING three-and-a-half-stone so far and decided to treat herself to a huge Primark haul. I don’t blame her!

Items she picked up included a skirt for £10, an off-the-shoulder dress for £10, a crop top for £3, a flower pattern skirt, another off the shoulder dress for £10, some pick floral trousers for £10, a long pleated skirt for £13, a white stripey off the shoulder dress for £10, an olive-coloured netted skirt for £10.

Moving on to beauty buys, Kelly-Anne from Mimi Rose and Me highlighted some of her favourite beauty products in her May updates post including a couple of my favourites – Soap and Glory products.

And Joanne from Opposable Thumbs Blog managed to come up trumps with her Korean sheet mask haul from Beautius.

It’s a company I’ve never heard of before so it’s great to be able to discover new products.

Her first photograph of the blog post caught my eye – have a look if you’re also a fan of Wonder Woman and you’ll see what I mean!

And talking of Wonder Woman, I wonder if there are any adult costumes I could nab for a fancy costume party I’ve got coming up..?

On second thoughts, I don’t think my post-pregnancy cliff-hanger belly would thank me for that one….

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