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Like many other parents, SEND Bloggers spent time at the end of the year looking back.  A time of reflection brings with it not only thoughts of what has happened but also what will come in the next year.

Life of an Ambitious Turtle looks back at a year full of many different achievements.  All sorts from experience skiing with two very different disabilities to campaigning and blogging achievements are celebrated.   Isla’s Voice highlights an even more diverse range of achievements from lots of other bloggers in her lovely summary. 

One of those bloggers is Steph’s Two Girls who documents her family’s year in her Siblings post.  This kind of post will make a great way of looking back in the years to come. Autism Mumma also summarised her year.  However, whereas I just looked back over 2018, she feels there are things to learn from 2018.  Autism Mumma decides that in 2019 she’s going to ‘just do it’. 

I know Ordinary Hopes wishes some businesses would ‘just do it’.  The New Year sees her continue her Changing Places campaigns.  She says we don’t live in an ‘ideal world’ and this is reflected by 47 Stripey Socks.  This post considers the Royal Institutions Christmas lecturers  and tells us just how important is it is that they spark debate, particularly when it comes to the true meaning of celebrating diversity.  As Down Right Joy shares in her epiphany, society doesn’t always appreciate the treasures we have. 

Mummy Est 2014 is looking forward to 2019 but on the understanding that it’s not about resolutions. It’s not about setting herself up to inevitably fail and instead she thinking about the things she is going to prepare for. 

But as The Additional Needs BlogFather acknowledges – it doesn’t have to be on our own.  He says there’s a good chance that last year had both highs and lows.  The whole idea of making this year ‘more awesome’ than last year reminds us that even with the ups and downs, we are an awesome bunch of parents.  And despite whatever is thrown at us in 2019 we’ll still be awesome parents.  He points out that there’s no need to feel this pressure by ourselves and counts all those on the same journey and those supporting us as part of the team.  

So here’s to you all, supporters of each other.  Whether you have set yourself targets or are taking 2019 one day at a time, I wish you success and happiness in your endeavours.  Feel free to contact me with your posts for our next round-up – I look forward to reading them. 

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“Rainbows are too beautiful,” said Anthony. “I just can’t look at them.” Ann says her son’s statement characterizes so much about how her autistic and neurotypical family interacts and interprets the world in their own wonderful way.

Originally a PR and marketing professional for the third sector, Ann now does some lecturing in this topic but spends most of her time being a full time mum and sharing her experiences through her award nominated blog. Ann’s three kids attend different schools and have multiple diagnoses including Autism, ADHD, anxiety and more. Ann is a Trustee on a local disabled children’s charity and speaks at SEND conferences and consultations.