SEND Round-up: BareFootChallenge & help for parent carers

special needs blog posts sliderWe had some great posts linked up last month; still in time for any Easter ski trips planned, Downs Side Up hosted a great piece on Skiing with kids with Down’s Syndrome. I’d add to this with my recommendation of a UK based company called Snowbility who work successfully with any children with Additional Needs. James makes a great point in his post ‘Hey Autism Community, Can’t we all just get along?’ and I’ll admit I nodded along to all of it. Life with ASD and the rest talks about the suggestion of inconsistent parenting, naughtiness and the need for ‘creative parenting’ in her post and Our Inclusive Home talks about the need for accessible facilities and the Changing places campaign in her post BareFootChallenge.


There have been a few posts this month which consider how it is to be a parent carer, and the extra stress that comes with that role. Jo admits she could do with some extra help and support in her post Where have I been? and I think many of us can sympathise with those feelings. Blogger Mummy Lauren wrote about the struggles and mental anguish involved in Form filling and ASD and Gym Bunny Mummy highlights a phrase which is often said in ‘I don’t know how you do it‘. With many pictures in the news of carers (presumably mostly of the non-parent variety) not doing their jobs properly, Looking for Blue Sky shares the Secret to Caring– the more you give, the more you get back. Finally, Debs over at Chaos in Kent has produced a brilliant video aimed at helping parents understand how much they do and should be applauded – in Today – for Parents.


Over at Rainbows are Too Beautiful, Ann looks at the trouble with communication in her post Autistic Anthony’s always to blame.  In her post A Little Introduction, Jodie looks back at getting a diagnosis and how it helped, and in The one with the A word, Random Thoughts from a Random Woman probably echoes many others’ thoughts soon after getting a diagnosis.  Mandy is continuing her great A-Z of Autism feature over on Raising The Rainbows and she is now up to E is for…. go and give her some suggestions for the next few letters!


Over the next month we should have all been through Down’s Syndrome awareness week AND Autism Awareness week, so I’m relaly looking forward to seeing any posts written on those – or any other burning issues. Please do link your posts up if you’d like them included next month.


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About Steph Curtis

Steph Curtis is mum to two girls and blogs at Steph’s Two Girls. She started blogging over six years ago after her youngest daughter Sasha was given a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (also called ASD or Autism). A buyer of toys and stationery in her pre-children life, Steph has now become a Trainer to help all parents of children with disabilities find support and information. Although ASD was the original diagnosis for Sasha, it is believed that she actually has a specific type of autism known as Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA). Steph is keen to raise awareness of this condition and runs courses for parents to help with strategies for everyday life. Steph is on Twitter as @stephc007 and is a huge Facebook and Instagram fan.


  1. 25 March 2016 / 18:28

    Fab round up! Love ‘Hey Autism Community, Why can’t we all just get along’! So many parallels to many disability and special needs community groups.
    Thank you so much for including my Changing Places post! x

  2. 26 March 2016 / 21:28

    Thank so much for including my post, and so much great reading here once again x