SEND Round-up: Steph Curtis on Autism and Inclusion

special needs blog posts sliderFollowing the success of World Down Syndrome Day last month, I am very proud to announce that the amazing Steph Curtis who writes Steph’s Two Girls has agreed to guest host the BritMums SEND round-up for April. This coincided with World Autism Week and so she was the perfect candidate to bring a new perspective to the monthly column: 

Over to you Steph, on autism and inclusion:

I was delighted to be asked to pull together the BritMums SEND round-up for this month as it gave me a chance to go out and discover some new blogs, as well as revisit some more established ones.

World Autism Awareness Week was from 27 March to 2 April this year, so of course I couldn’t let that pass without writing a post myself. ‘Different, Not Less’ is a notable Temple Grandin quote which I often use.

I’m sure the lovely Jax whose blog is Making It Up would agree with that thought, as she finally found the answer she didn’t know she was looking for and wrote about it in For World Autism Awareness Day: This Is Me.

A new blog I’ve now read thanks to last month’s linky is by Lisa at mrssavageangel. Her post To be honest is her first dip of her toe into SEND blogging, after her young son was diagnosed with autism. I remember how I felt five years ago when we were given that news about our girl, and for the first few months at least there is so much that goes through your mind, over and over. A real need for information that tend to only receive if you bump into other SEND parents. Please do pop over to her blog and show her what a great supportive bunch us SEND bloggers are!

I loved this post ‘Feeling Cheerful about World Autism Day’ from Looking For Blue Sky. It reminds us all that even when things are looking bleak, and we can’t do what we want to do, there are other options and we can try and stay positive!

Finally, as we say goodbye to the Easter holidays and think about school again, the lovely Jane from Our Little Escapades has written a letter to her young son about his new start at school in Superstar Starting School. I also really appreciated this post Ten Tips for creating an Inclusive classroom and think that it could be shared with a lot of school staff. Little changes can sometimes make all the difference….

There are so many great SEND blogs out there that I really struggled to choose this month – so I do hope you’ll all join in with the linky below and give me even more to read for the next!

Steph Curtis

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A former language teacher and voice-over artist, Hayley is now the Mum of two gorgeous girls, the youngest of whom, Natty, has Down’s Syndrome. She blogs, speaks and writes articles on the subject for all who will read or listen.

Through Downs Side Up she aims to both offer support and encouragement to new families with a diagnosis, and gently change perceptions of Down’s Syndrome from within hearts through beautiful words and photos.

Her daughter Natty is a clothing model and an amazing ambassador for children with disabilities everywhere. She has appeared in The Sun, Mail Online, Bella Magazine and on ITV Daybreak.

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  1. 20 April 2015 / 15:26

    That’s a great round up and thanks so much for including one of my posts!

  2. 20 April 2015 / 22:38

    Hi Steph, I am delighted that you chose my post on inclusion! It is great to have this round up and to find other parents dealing with similar issues. As you mentioned, other parents are great resources when you travel on this special needs journey!

  3. 23 April 2015 / 12:26

    Particularly enjoyed Lisa’s post about her experiences of receiving her child’s diagnosis. Feelings that lots of us will be familiar with. My son has no overall diagnosis at all (not that rare) but has a range of severe difficulties that have come to light over time. But it’s the same emotional journey. There is light on the other side though šŸ™‚