Review: So Bomb DIY Vanity Bath Bombs kit

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I love a long soak in the bath, usually with Epsom Salts (and often with an added mini-Me for company towards the end!), so this So Bomb DIY Vanity Bath Bombs kit, in a handy vanity case, was a perfect mother-daughter activity to try. 
Regular readers over at my Kids of the Wild blog will know I’m not a fan of plastic, so I took a deep breath at the thought of the vanity case. And yes, it is made of plastic, but the set makes a really attractive looking gift and the vanity case is useful storage for toys etc now the bath bombs are made.
so bomb vanity 800
My 9-year old daughter made the bath bombs with her best friend, on a sleepover Sunday morning! They thoroughly enjoyed the activity and though I oversaw the whole thing, they were able to do it with minimal supervision. 

So Bomb DIY Vanity Bath Bombs 

So Bomb DIY Vanity Case

Photo credit: Lucy Holmes

The kit contains: – 
  • Blue vanity case
  • 3 Plastic moulds
  • 1 pack of sprinkles
  • 3 little gifts to hide in the bath bombs
  • 5 packets of multicoloured, fragranced powder (this was slightly confusing as the instructions suggested there were 6 packs but it worked out in the end)
two girls and bath bombs

Photo credit: Lucy Holmes

There is also a set of fun stickers for decorating the vanity case which they both loved.

What to do

The instructions are more or less self-explanatory and we set everything out in bowls beforehand, on a waterproof tablecloth in case of spillages. 
You can make a bath bomb in one single colour or any combination of the three – yellow, blue and pink.
We mixed each coloured pack of citric acid with a pack of bicarbonate of soda in individual bowls and then added water – it doesn’t seem enough water so don’t expect a paste when you do this, it’s supposed to be fairly dry.
Next the girls filled each half of the plastic bomb moulds – they both chose to mix all 3 colours and hid the mini gifts and sprinkles in there too.
It was a little tricky to put the two mould halves together and we had to remove some powder from the edges but it worked in the end.
And that’s it.
putting halves together

Photo credit: Lucy Holmes


Stink Bombs! A.K.A some fragrance!


Each coloured powder is scented (with a play-dough type smell in my opinion). The girls described them as

coconut playdough for the blue, raspberry and apple for the pink and mouldy cheese and lemon for the yellow!

They were interesting scents, distinct but not unpleasant.

Sensitive Skins Beware

Whilst making the bath bombs we noticed a slightly acrid feel to the air after mixing the bicarb and citric acid. It was enough to make eyes water and be noticeable over the smell of a delicious roasting chicken! 
There are two health warnings on the pack, in very small print. One states that the citric acid causes serious eye irritation and the other which states various things including do not put near eyes or mouth, contains fragrances that may cause allergy and rinse body and bath tub after use.
After reading these we felt quite reticent to try the bath bombs in the bath. Neither of the girls have particularly sensitive skin but my daughter is in remission from cancer and I am very conscious of using chemicals on her skin.
I tried very hard all over the internet to find out exactly what the fragrance ingredients are as these are not listed on the kit but was unable to do so, even on the manufacturer’s website. I’d love to see this added to the packaging for anyone whose kids are sensitive or allergic.
finished bath bombs

Photo credit: Lucy Holmes

What your kids will love about the So Bomb DIY Vanity Case

It looks like a really special gift for both boys and girls, making an ideal party present.
They’ll love the vanity case and will use it for all sorts of things after finishing the bath bombs.
Putting stickers on anything is always a real hit!
The bath bombs are fun to make (like a Harry Potter potions lab!) and look very professional once finished.
My only caveat would be to anyone with sensitive skin or allergies to take care when using the product.
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