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Skin Academy Product Range

Photo credit: Sarah Christie, Extraordinary Chaos

(The BritMums reviewers were provided the products free to test and review. All opinions are the reviewer’s own.)

Summer often means getting our skin out from under the layers we wear most of the time, but one part of your body that is always out in the elements is your hands! Our hard working hands take the brunt of ‘doing’ all day and need a treat from time to time. Especially if you are a keen gardener or work with your hands – give them a pampering!

BritMums writers were sent some hand and nail treats to soothe and replenish their skin and nails, here is what they thought!

Lucy Clarke, from Real Parent tried the nail masks and the hand gloves.

My nails have been suffering recently due to stress. They tend to dry up and crack, and the skin on my fingers starts to dry and peel. I’m quite self conscious of it, and I’ve also had a flare up of eczema on my palms recently, too.

When I tried the hand mask, I loved the cooling nature of the serum inside the gloves, and the scent was refreshing. The results were lovely! The moisture had soaked right into my fingers and hands, and upon massaging the left over product into my hands, the condition of my skin was really improved. They looked an even colour, toned and bright.

Following the treatment, the skin around my nails looked so much better, and the dryness had gone. The effects were felt all day, and with regular use, I think the condition of my skin would really change.

The nail masks were a delight to use, and I really enjoyed an excuse not to use my hands for a short while!

Generally, I think the range is brilliant for those who suffer with stress or have demanding lives and jobs that mean you have to use your hands all the time. My 38 yr old hands and nails look younger and in better condition!

Skin Academy mask & glove

Photo credit: Sarah Christie, Extraordinary Chaos

Sarah Christie, from Extraordinary Chaos loved the nail masks.

The Skin Academy hand and nail masks include a selection of hand and nail strengthening treatments that encourage you to stop and pamper yourself rather than being on the go. I felt all the treatments were conditioning and softening and very beneficial to add into a weekly routine.

As I have recently returned to the salon as a hairstylist after a 5 year break, my hands are nails are starting the feel the negative effects of constantly being exposed to water and chemicals. A huge benefit of the products being that they force you to stop what you’re doing and relax, something we don’t do enough. And the conditioning effects have been clearly noticeable. Particularly the nail strengthening masks, once I had massaged the masks and allowed them to penetrate my nails, I felt they replaced some of the moisture I know my nails have been lacking recently.

Karen Reekie, from The Mad House of Cats & Babies tried the gloves:

I work with children so my hands get washed a lot, in between doing messy play, changing the odd nappy, and washing up countless snack bowls. They tend to get a bit dry, and at 43, I’m also conscious that they are an area of skin that can be prone to signs of ageing.

The moisturising hand gloves are amazing. They smell lovely, and are a perfect excuse for me to sit down for 20 minutes and do nothing whilst they work their magic. My hands were pampered and looked and felt much less dry. The hand mask is simple to use and the ingredients are gentle. I think I’ll be adding these to my ‘try and look after me’ pamper kit, and use them more often to help keep my hands looking better.

Hand & Nail Masks

Debbie O’Connor from Mum’s The Boss liked the hand gloves:

I tried the moisturising hand gloves treatment. It’s not the sort of thing I would normally do for myself, but it was quite fun. I think it would be a great way to pamper yourself in the evening instead of reaching for snacks.

There was quite a lot of cream inside the gloves it felt really gloopy and squelchy and of course with it being plastic it got quite warm in there too. The feeling was odd but quite nice. The overall aroma I got was of roses and I was pleased to see rose oil as part of the ingredients. I love rose scent so I felt pampered.

I was able to do a bit of typing while wearing the gloves but it felt a bit weird and I think if I was using them again I would just sit and relax. When I took the gloves off the instructions said to massage any excess into the skin but there was far too much excess to do that. I massaged my arms up to the elbows on both sides for well over a minute but I still had tons left so I ended up washing it off.

My hands do feel considerably softer and smoother and they smell lovely. This is the sort of thing I probably would try again.

To try these products for yourself, you can find the Nail Masks in Savers for just £1 and the Hand Gloves are sold in Beauty Outlet for £2.99. For more information visit

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