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Cocoa Brown by Marisaa Carter Rose Gold Goddess Shimmering Dry Body Oil £12.99

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(The BritMums reviewer was provided the product free to test and review. All opinions are the reviewer’s own.)

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter is a tanning range that has been a big hit with beauty bloggers. One of their collection is the luxurious Rose Gold Goddess Shimmering Dry Body Oil (£9.99), which glides on to the skin adding a subtle shimmer that enhances the appearance of a faux glow. We asked our writer Joanne Dewberry to try it out!

My complexion is probably what you’d term English Rose, which is a posh way of saying white, white as can be. I spent 6 months in my youth working in Turkey, I was so tan-less I looked like I’d been in the Arctic! I’m always a little frightened of self-tanning products: the smell, the streaks, looking like an extra from TOWIE. I was excited to give Cocoa Brown’s Golden Goddess Oil a try as it claims to highlight and brighten your best features enhancing your tan or creating an overall glowing complexion.

Rose Gold Goddess

I hate having a shelf full of products so I was presently surprised by the number of uses for the Golden Goddess Oil. The dry coconut oil moisturises and hydrates your skin, making it perfect for your arms and legs. Golden Goddess Oil is made from coconut oil which means you need to shake it well before and be careful where you store it so that the coconut oil doesn’t harden. It smells divine, which is a massive plus.

If you wear makeup (which I don’t) it’s a perfect primer under your foundation or use to highlight your features cheekbones and collarbone or a spot of contouring. I’ve used it on my face to create a silky smooth finish and blend in uneven skin tone. Plus who doesn’t love a subtle shimmer? It screams summer holiday glow. As I’m not a makeup wearer, I would use this on my face instead, since having a holiday glow does wonders for your self confidence.

Swatch of tanning product

It comes in a really lovely bottle with a pump action dispenser. This is a great feature as there’s nothing worse than putting too much product in your hands and having to either waste some or look a little over done! The oil absorbs quickly too so you aren’t left feeling greasy or hanging about waiting to dry out.

If you use tanning products, the oil is perfect to enhance this tan however if like me you are a non-tanner, Golden Goddess can also be used alone for to add a shimmery sheen to your skin. Dare I say that it’s perfect for the upcoming party season (that’s code for Christmas!)

Cocoa Brown By Marissa Carter tanning products can be found at numerous UK stockists including Superdrug and Cloud10 Beauty.

Disclosure: Joanne was sent a free sample of Cocoa Brown Gold Goddess for the purpose of this review.

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