Publishing success story: Love, family, marriage and autism

If you’ve been to a BritMums Live you will remember Kirsten Hesketh, who faithfully greeted attendees, solved last-minute hiccups and sat behind the front desk for many years! Read her story below – how her dream of publishing a novel close to her heart has come true!

I wonder if any of you remember me from behind the front desk at BritMums Live?

It’s possible you do because I was usually the one getting into a horrible muddle with all the alphabetically arranged name tags and lanyards at the beginning or putting my back out trying to manhandle too many bulging goody bags at the end (whilst trying to sample as many of the tasty treats on offer as possible in the middle!) Happy days and lots of fun … although I think the jury is out on just how much ‘help’ I ended up being to my lovely friend Susanna!

I particularly remember bonding with loads of you the years the literary agents came to town! How exciting that was for those of us with bookish ambitions. The nerves as waited to be summoned into the dragons’ den, the thrill of discussing our hopes and dreams with Real Live Agents, the shared tears or smiles afterwards depending on how our allotted ten minutes had gone …

Well, lovelies, the book I pitched way back then is actually being published! I know!  I didn’t end up signing with the agents who came along the conference – although the lovely feedback I received gave me a much-needed boost! – ­but I did subsequently sign with the fabulous Felicity Trew at the Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency. And now … drum roll   ….

My debut, Another Us, is being published by Canelo on May 14th 2020

Another Us is a book very close to my heart, and I am so, so thrilled.

It is, of course, a very strange time to be being published and – obviously – the whole thing fades into complete insignificance compared to what is going on in the world at the moment. The launch party and most of the publicity has had to be cancelled and Another Us will just be an ebook for the time being – but, for me, it is still marvellous and exciting and I very much hope that some of you will enjoy reading Another Us. At least it’s a feelgood book! Read more about it below.

What if Emma isn’t the person she thought she was?

Her younger son has just been diagnosed with autism.

She’s accidentally quit her job.

The marriage she was dedicated to suddenly seems like a sham.

She’s pretty sure that she is going to have an affair with a hot new dad at the school.

The only thing that stays the same is everyone else. Emma realises it’s not them – it’s her. But if she’s not who she thought she was, can her old life fit in with the new Emma?

Compassionate, funny and poignant, Another Us is perfect for fans of Marian Keyes and Fiona Gibson.

About Kirsten Hesketh

Kirsten has a background in advertising and now runs her own consultancy specialising in psychological interviewing and focus groups. Over the past 25 years, she has interviewed the Great British public on everything from Rolos to razors.

Married with a teenage son, daughter and two exceptionally fluffy moggies, Kirsten is also a keen amateur archaeologist and loves to spend her weekends hacking through the mud on a local Roman dig. She is also a staunch supporter of Wycombe Wanderers – especially when they are winning!

How to order Another Us

If you would like to order Another Us, this link will take you through to Amazon where it is currently £1.99. 

I hope you are staying well and healthy and I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

Stay strong and lots of love,




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