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Even as someone who loves change, I am still startled by the rapid passing of time since I hit my 50s. No sooner am I having the Monday morning moans, than it’s time for that Friday feeling all over again. Days blur into weeks, weeks into months, our hair into grey.

Even if some of us bury our heads in the sand (“Old? Who? Me? Nah!”), it is undeniable when babies we knew, for instance, are now young adults and travelling the same roads we did…. “only yesterday.”

Watching my daughter graduate this year, for a moment I didn’t see Morgan standing in front of me wild with pride, but I saw me thirty-odd years ago. Thirty odd years ago I was that girl. That girl with all the decisions in the world to make to shape a life.

It is for this reason, I think, we suddenly hit a day – maybe sometime in our 40s – when we think about change. Changing the whole dang thing up on the realisation we have more years behind us than we possibly do ahead of us. And even those years are not guaranteed.

In a little break from tradition, then, I am going to recommend TWO posts I think the BritMums and Post-40 Bloggers’ community should not miss this month.

The first is from Jennie of Edspire. Her post in our feature, entitled ‘At 42 – To Baby Or Not To Baby?’ ponders the question whether to have another child. When should we change our thinking about becoming a mum again – make the decision our family is complete? And, of course, all the feelings of loss this can conjure up as we think about our original days as young mums.

The second post is from Emma from Crazy With Twins. Albeit Emma is some years off 40, we do have a spot on the magazine for bloggers and writers who are under 40 if their message is compelling and relevant to our demographic. This is one such from Emma and is entitled in our feature ‘The Courage To Shake It All Up.’ In her post, tragedy and adversity brings illumination for Emma who, despite being scared, changed her thinking all up – including making a career change.

Find Jennie and Emma elsewhere online:


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Website – Crazy With Twins




See you again soon with another pick from talented bloggers and writers aged 40+. (If you are not yet 40, but would like to submit a post to Post-40 Bloggers on the subject of approaching 40 (or another highly relevant subject area), just tick the ‘I am under 40’ check box on registration.)

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Until then, my best, Mel


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  1. 06 October 2018 / 10:38

    I will hit the magic 40 next spring and am far less scared and depressed than I thought I would be!
    Maybe thats because I have already completed my baby making days and dont have the worry of a ticking reproduction clock 🤔
    I shall be celebrating for the entire year and hope I have enough years on the other side to do all the things I couldnt do before due to having so many babies lol

    • 07 October 2018 / 06:49

      Hurrah! I absolutely enjoyed raising my babies to the lovely young adults they are today. That said, there was a sunny Sunday afternoon when Bronnie and I decided to take the children on an impromtu picnic. It only hit me later we had just up and left. No diapers, no spare diapers, no buggy, no spare clothes, no feeding bottles, no precious-toy-which-absolutely-must-not-get-lost, no, nothing, just the children. In short – FREEDOM.

      Happy 40th birthday when it comes. It is a magical time on the other side. And don’t forget to tip us the nod if you write on how you’re feeling on the run-up to the big 40. We have a special spot on the magazine for those who are not yet *quite* there yet!

      Thank you for reading and reaching out.

      My best, Mel x