Positively Inspirational Round-up: Seeking the small stuff & accepting ourselves

Inspirational round-up

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Looking for the Happy
I like the simplicity of this post from Carla at Random Thoughts of a Twenty Something. She shares with us “When life gets a bit stressful it can be hard to find the positive things that keep a smile upon our faces. I am a big believer in that it is the little things and gestures in life that ultimately shape our general happiness”. I’m with you Carla and if life is feeling a little tough right now why don’t you follow Carla’s lead and look for the 50 (or even 5 or 10) things that are making you smile too? It was for this exact reason that I started the Reasons to be Cheerful linky back in 2011 and still enjoy sharing regularly what is making me happy and thankful.

Blogging can be a funny old thing. Once minute you are in love with your blog and have a schedule of posting every other day and a list as long as your arm with ideas for posts and then in the blink of an eye things change and your blog can feel like an obligation or something you just don’t have enough head space for right now. We’ve all been there and I’m sure we will again, but BritMums very own editor Nadine is sharing with us why we have to treasure the smiles and why it is OK to just blog the good – and keep mum on the blog about the rest.

Taking Big Steps
Next is a very heart-warming post from Sarah at Surrey Mama, she shares how she has made the big decision to take a career break from working in marketing to focusing on her blog and being home with her two beautiful little girls. This post is also the start in a new series on Surrey Mama from other Mums who have chosen to change their working circumstances to suit family life.

Seeking Peace and Light
Finding Peace is a beautiful post written by Sally at Hello Little Lovely. She wrote it in the aftermath of the recent terrorist attack at London Bridge. I’ll share with you a short extract – “Maybe we just need to keep reminding each other that despite this broken world we live in that we are not meant to be people of fear; we are people of hope.  We can’t change anything in this world unless we start with ourselves. We have to forgive, we have to love and we have to be hopeful”.

Being Thankful
This post doesn’t really fit in with the rest I have chosen this month but I loved it so much that I couldn’t not include it. Cass at Diary of a Frugal Family shares an open letter to Tesco about the amazing service they have been giving her 77 year old Dad over a long period of time as he tried to master a mobile phone.

Accepting Yourself
As someone who can really relate to hating your body once you’ve had a baby or twins in my case I was heartened to read this post from Zoe at Mummy and Liss. It is really good to read that Zoe is coming to a place of acceptance with how her body has changed from before pregnancy to after and interesting to read that she didn’t like her slim body beforehand. So many people dream of being a size 6 or 8 and it just shows how different we all are.

Nicole from The Mum Reviews picks up on this theme of body and self-acceptance too and I just adored this post. A rude friend had emailed her to say she looked tried in a recent social media picture and Nicole picks apart how she feels and realises that she is far happier and more thankful now as a tired and slightly overweight (her opinion, not mine) Mum than she ever was as a naturally thin and beautiful young woman.

This next post was recommended to me by Emma at Me and B Make Tea. It really is an excellent read and one I am very happy to recommend. Ranji at Tooting Mama shares how she is learning to love her imperfections and what I really enjoyed is that the post is incredibly practical. Ranji shared four women who have positively impacted her and helped her to learn to feel fabulous again.  

Building Each Other Up
I’ll leave you with a brilliant post from Emma who blogs at Our Fairytale Adventure. We’ve all met the woman who has to put you down to feel better about herself and Emma has written a fabulous post about why we need to surround ourselves with inspiring women. To quote her “Strong people build others up, not tear them down. Inspiration is about making everybody feel like a somebody, not just the select few that have similarities to you”. Well said!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the selection I picked for you this month. The Positively Inspirational Round-up will be back again on 5th August with Lizzie from Lizzie Somerset. Don’t forget to tweet her your links if you want to be considered for inclusion.

Have a wonderful month, Mich x

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