Positively Inspirational Round-up: Confidence, body shapes & growing older

inspirational blog postsWhat a wonderful medley of posts I have for you this month, you really cannot fail to go away in a fabulous mood after having read one or all of these posts. Let’s gets stuck straight in…

I read this beautiful post from Lizzie Somserset quite some months ago and I stored it to share in a Positively Inspirational round-up as I knew it would speak to so many people but then I lost the virtual post-it under my sea of other post-its and it just popped up again this week. So now I know it is the absolute right time to share it. It is a raw and very real tale of g how Lizzie allowed herself to be vulnerable and to let her failures (as she perceived) be seen. I think this line from the post gives you an insight to it “by sharing ‘failures’ I was allowing help and understanding in”. Have a read, you won’t be disappointed.

I love this post from Stacey at Nobody said it was Easy, she has just been awarded the Woman of the Year award at her slimming world club after losing over 4 stone in 20 months. It is a joy to read that Stacey can now bounce on the trampoline with her boys for half an hour and also that she feels so proud of herself. If weight loss is something you are interested in then do check out Stacey’s blog for her slimming journey. This post was nominated by Rachel at Coffee, Cake and Kids.

I was very interested to read this post from Jane at Maflingo, at first I thought it was a topical news related post and a bit of a rant about all the bad things happening in the world at the moment. Fairly quickly I realised it was so much more than that and was actually about Jane and her quest to establish her 6 month old blog. She’s been hearing that age-old adage to ‘find your niche’ and been struggling a little but in this post she seems to have a light bulb moment, go and heave a read. Nadine at JuggleMum has also been writing about blogging and she shares with us an interesting insight into blogging behind the scenes.

Also writing about blogging is Katie at Mummy in a Tutu, I really enjoyed her post titled ‘You matter to me’, where she talks of the friendships made through blogging. I have to say that some of my most trusted friends and allies are my blogging buddies. It is always good to have a group of like-minded people on your side.

Aby from You Baby, Me Mummy pointed me over to the next post and what a powerful one it is. Amy at Mr and Mrs T plus Three has dug deep and had the courage to write about her childhood being bought up as a Jehovah Witness. She shares how damaging their belief system was for her and delves into their truth.

I’ve not come across the blog Keeping Strong and Moving Forward before but I really enjoyed having a mooch around today. Nikki writes a blog about her beautiful daughter who will be 3 in the Autumn, her little treasure just happens to have Down Syndrome and in this post Nikki urges us to please not be sorry as she wouldn’t change a thing about her little one.

I’ve been musing a lot recently about the pressure on girls to be beautiful and have the ‘right’ body shape and it was an absolute tonic to read this post from Tori at Finding Tori about how her 3-year-old daughter is so secure in herself that she truly knows her worth in her beautiful character traits rather than the way she looks. Great parenting Tori, I think we all need to remember to make a habit to tell our children why we love them and how they are so much more than just gorgeous. Of course if we do and they find their value in more than just the way they look then they will grow up to be like Scandi Mummy who writes about us embracing the passing of time and enjoying crowing older and gaining a few crow’s feet from all the smiles our children have given us.

There we go, I think there is something for everyone in this month’s round-up.  I hope you enjoy the posts I have pulled together and don’t forget to stop back the first Saturday of October where Emma from Mama Syder will share with you her top Positively Inspirational picks for the month.

Be blessed, Mich xx

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  1. 05 September 2016 / 09:44

    Thanks so much for featuring me, Mich!
    There are some great posts in this round-up too.

    • Michelle
      05 September 2016 / 21:55

      Pleasure Jane, it is always good to share great content. Mich x

  2. 05 September 2016 / 22:21

    Wow Mich I’m so humbled you included my post! Thank you. It was a completely honest and raw post. I read Amy’s awhile back, such an important post. Will read all of the others, thanks again I’m so touched xx

    • Michelle
      08 September 2016 / 22:48

      Honest and raw posts are often the best Lizzie. I know some of my most popular ones have been written through tears. x