Positively Inspirational Round-up: Body confidence & being mum

Inspirational round-up

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It’s here friends, the beautiful sunshine and it makes everything just that bit better, don’t you think? Of course I want more sunshine but I better not be too greedy and just get on and enjoy the great days we do have.

Talking of sunshiny days, I’ll start you off with a post from Emma at Our Fairy tale Adventure. Recently she has travelled across Asia with her young family (read about it here, it’s completely inspiring) and I’ve enjoyed keeping up with her travels, as well as her recent reflection on body confidence. We all know that’s a hot topic right now and  I feel Emma has a great attitude and one I’d love to adopt too –

“Body positivity for me, is about seeing the unique beauty of all women. It is about seeing our differences and celebrating them. Body positivity for me is about making a mental note about the negative thoughts I have of my own appearance and then overwriting them with a positive acceptance of my flaws.”

Next up is a post titled ‘Crying at Soft Play’ which doesn’t sound too positive, nor too inspirational does it? But it is, it really is. I loved reading how Danielle’s son went to soft play to help develop his gross motor skills and he surpassed all her expectations, showing real development since his last visit a year ago and helping his little sister to play too. Then sadly, his Autistic love for people following the rules broke his little heart and they had to head off home but not before Danielle realised that “for a little while, my gorgeous, amazing, resilient little boy, you were just a child at soft play, laughing and playing.”

Catherine at Mama Cat and Baby Bee shares a lovely post with us, she is currently pregnant with her second child. The first was conceived through IVF and the second naturally and she shares loads of advice for protecting your fertility and helping you to conceive naturally. I’m sure this information will be of use such to many women.

Leah at Home Family Life has started a new blog series  called Not too old to be mum, where she is sharing the stories of women who had their babies aged 35 or older. Leah herself had her first baby at 38 and her second at 40 and it is great to read her pregnancy and parenting story as the first in the series.

I love this thought-provoking and well written piece from Nicola at Mummy Wales. Titled ‘The Mother Next Door’ it tells the tale of the grass not always being greener. We all have our own different paths to walk and it’s no good us coveting someone else’s.

Next, I’d like to share with you a post I wrote recently about how easy it is to give blood in the UK. We all know someone who has benefited from receiving blood and 6,000 blood donations are needed daily to ensure adequate blood stocks in the UK. So please, please take a look at my simple guide to giving blood and consider if you could give it a try.

I’ll leave you with this post from Emma at The Money Whisperer, it is a very interesting read and yes it has inspired me. I save each month for my kids, not a lot but my husband and I figure it’s a start for when they go to University or want to travel. But I’d never have considered setting them up a pension and tapping in to the additional top up from tax relief. Apparently with some serious saving on my part they could retire as millionaires, now there is something to think about!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my eclectic mix, each post very different but all fitting the bill that they are positive and may inspire you to live or think differently.

Next month Lizzie from Lizzie Somerset will be back with her positive and inspiring picks. So I’ll see you again in July.

Be happy, Mich x

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