Positively Inspirational Round-up: I’m a striking mum!

inspirationalI can not believe how cold the weather has been over this past month, until today my remote patch of Essex had managed to dodge the snow that has been falling all over the country. I will be honest, I love the snow and I thoroughly enjoy being out in it. I have been on a get healthy/lose weight mission for the last 21 days by walking 10,000 steps a day in all weathers. I’m lucky enough to live along a very pretty coastline, so walking is more of a pleasure more than a chore, although I admit on day one I could barely breath I was so out of shape. Three weeks later I have lost 14lb and can almost jog my steps. Michelle provided us with lots of wonderfully inspiring blogs last month with her round-up ‘New You New Start and All That Jazz‘. I do love to read a good transformation story and hopefully this year I will have my own to tell.

Speaking of Michelle, she has recently written about a fabulous non profit charity Cleanbirth.org who raise cash to Provide inexpensive sterile birthing packs for mums to be Laos, Southeast Asia and to train up nurses to assist during the birthing process, reducing the risks of infection, disease and death.  A fabulous introduction to a worthwhile cause that I had never heard of before. We are so lucky to have our NHS and the wonderful maternity care that we receive in this country and my heart goes out to mums who are not as lucky as us.

Another Mum who my heart goes out to is Kara over at ‘Scarleteen 13’s’ blog, a mum of three who recently had the trauma of coming to terms with her teenage daughters untimely pregnancy. An emotional post that really struck a chord with me, as the mother of a teenage father, I understand Kara’s pain and worry for the future of her family. I went through it ten years ago and everything worked out fine for us and we totally adore our Granddaughter, she brings so much joy into our family. Sometimes things happen and we feel like it’s the end of the world, but those blips in life can actually end up enriching our existence.

Alison from ‘Downright Joy’ shares her anxieties and joys of becoming a mum to her beautiful daughter who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome shortly after birth. Recently she shared a very moving story about the absolute fear that she felt when she first introduced her baby to the outside world and how one shop assistants ignorant comment forced her to face those fears head on.

The lovely Kate over at ‘Kate On Thin Ice’ has started up her brilliant ‘I’m A Striking Mum’ linky again this year. A linky with a positive self-image message, encouraging us mum’s to make change happen and to achieve our goals. A supportive group of people who are looking to make improvements to their lives over the coming year.

If you are a mum to be then please pop over to ‘Maternity Matters‘ a linky set up by the gorgeous Jayne and Susanne from ‘Mums The Word‘ and ‘Ghostwriter Mummy‘. They take it in turns to host their linky full of wonderful pregnancy posts from tons of expectant bloggers. It makes me broody reading them! A great linky for connecting with other pregnant mummies.

Anyway, my 10,000 steps are calling to me so I’m pulling on my boots, wrapping up warm and I’m off out to walk myself fit. Hope you enjoy this months inspirational posts, Michelle will be here for next months and I’ll be back in April.

Lots of Love,

Mama Syder x

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Mama Syder is a 45 year old married Mum and Nan from Essex, who has been blogging over at ‘The syders’ for eight years. A thrifty Mama, she lives a simple lifestyle while growing her own vegetables, homeschooling, sewing, crocheting and enjoying the small things in life.


  1. 07 February 2015 / 23:24

    Thanks for the mention and directing me to some fab posts. Big well den on that weight loss in January, I’ve not been quite so good sadly! Mich x

  2. 08 February 2015 / 23:10

    Thank you for mentioning my post…as a very new blogger it’s great to be encouraged. Looking forward to reading all the other ones too. Enjoy the snow! Alison x

  3. 11 February 2015 / 18:48

    Lovely post, will have to check out those blogs, thanks. Well done with all the walking, so much easier when you have a pretty view. X