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Good morning friends, good to be here again to spread a little happiness and positive feeling in the parenting blogsphere.  I have some cracking posts to recommend to you this month and I hope you enjoy them a lot. They are all on the theme of back to school, it is September after all!

Advice from a Teacher

First up is a superb post that every parent should read. It is written by Suzi at Raising Badgers in her capacity as a teacher and it is such a great insight to how teachers across the country feel in those first few weeks with a new class. We all know how hard teachers work and it is well worth remembering that.

Starting Primary School

I don’t normally include old posts in my round-up but personally, I think this one should be re-read every year. Danielle from Someone’s Mum has written about her son starting school, along with around 59 other children, and how she wanted to share with the families of all those other children that her son has autism and yes, this makes him different at times but ultimately, they need “to know that he is funny and kind and worthwhile”. I think every parent needs to remember that kindness must always come first.

Ahh what a lovely post from Lianne at Anklebiters Adventures, her little man is moving on from nursery to big school and she realises, with a heavy heart, that this is the start of him being fully independent and one day not wanting her to kiss him goodbye at the gate anymore! Don’t worry Lianne, you still have quite some years to go yet…

Still on the theme of starting big school you must read this super cute poem from Jennifer at Mighty Mama Bear. I think it sums up that big experience for most of us; time passes by in a flash!

After their first year at School

I got the shivers with this next post, it’s another delightful read. This time Alex from Lamb and Bear shares with us how much her little boy has changed over his reception year at school, finishing it with a bang! You can just hear the pride and love in her voice.

Starting Secondary School

Here is such a great practical post from Debbie at My Boys Club to help you know how to prepare your child for starting secondary school. Yes, there’s all the bits you’ll have thought about like uniform and journeys but so much more too.

Heading off to University

OK, this next post comes with a warning, do not read it in a full cafe like I did, otherwise strangers will ask if you’re ok as tears start to plop down your face! It’s not a sad post though, it’s anything but and that was why I loved reading Emma’s (Emma and 3) proud words as she wrote about her eldest daughter Chloe and how she’d surpassed all expectations of her and is now off to her first choice University.

I’ll leave you with Mandi from Big Family Organised Chaos, where she shares with us about her daughter Xene going back to uni for her second year, studying costume design. It was so good to hear how well she had settled and grown, despite being naturally quiet.

Weren’t they good? I told you they would be, and as I’ve made the decision that this will be my last Positively Inspirational post for BritMums I needed it to be a good bunch! Do you realise I published my first one of these posts in July 2012, so I’ve had a good innings and fear not, you’ll still get your monthly dose of positivity as my lovely friend Lizzie from Lizzie Somerset will take on the job of posting each month.

I wish you all the best, I’m sure you’ll still find me here at times. Mich x

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