Politics Round-up: Hot under the collar

politicsPhew! It is boiling isn’t it? But what has got you lot hot under the metaphorical collar this month? I will start where I finished last month, with BritMums Live. The Feminism discussion panel that I was so nervous about went well, it was fabulous to see lots of you there, and to hear your passion. You can read my somewhat blurry precis of the session here. I am delighted to say the discussion got lots of you thinking, some great debate on twitter and some fablous related posts. Dad Blog UK looks at one of the points discussed – Are people scared to write about feminism? And Not Even A Bag Of Sugar kindly said she was inspired by the feminist panel to write this brilliant post looking at the resignation of the Australian PM and why she is proud to be a feminist.

One of the topics covered in the panel was the need to take positive action for what you believe in, and elsewhere in the world a woman was taking an incredible personal stand, Mummy Says writes about the action taken by Wendy Davis, who stood and spoke for more than ten hours to prevent a tightening of abortion law. Inspirational stuff!

In home politics :-

And to end on some good news, Down Side Up fills us in on the resignation of Colin Brewer. If you need your memory jogging- he is the councillor who kindly suggested disabled babies should be put down at birth. Charming, and now jobless. Thank goodness for that. (apologies as my impartiality fails me utterly…)

That is it for this month, please link up below if I have missed you, and see you in August for more of the same. Enjoy the sunshine.

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