Politics Round-up; Post Election

politicsThere is a bit of a political lull at the moment, post election come down or calm down whichever way you look at it. We had the Queen’s Speech so have an idea of what the next year looks like politically, but I think most of us are more concerned with the forthcoming budget speech. And of course on the opposition benches, the hunt for the next Labour leader is underway.

Here are a few posts written in the post-election aftermath:

Bringing Up Charlie on why Ed Miliband may just have been the best Prime Minister we never had.

Keynko on why should she stop shouting just because the election is over.

Little and Bean writes eloquently on the election outcome in ‘I don’t want this for my children.’

The Family Patch gives us her thoughts on the election outcome – fear for the future and a passion for change.

Cat from Yellow Days has resurrected her other blog, Political Mummy, and is looking for contributors. This one was written by Jen from Mum Of One and looks at what happens next as the newly elected Tories implement the cuts promised by their manifesto.

And onto other matters away from the election:

Dorky Mum was one of several bloggers who wrote highlighting The Guardian’s Keep It In The Ground campaign. This environmental campaign has a very specific and tangible target –  it is calling on the world’s two biggest charitable funds – The Wellcome Trust and the Gates Foundation – to move their money out of fossil fuels. I really like  that this campaign has a specific and achievable target in mind and you can sign the petition here.

Looking for Blue Sky reflects on the recent Irish referendum on equal marriage, things she learnt along the way and her pride in the outcome, but that also it is only a step on the road to equality for all.

I wrote over on my blog about my current dislike of the word aspiration being bandied around by politicians of all colours – when did aspiration become all about the money?

And finally, a post that I found very interesting – Attachment Mummy wonders ‘Is politics the last blogging taboo?’. I sometimes wonder this too, I mean obviously there is a whole world of political blogs, but in the parent blogging world there are plenty who choose not to broach the topic on their blog – I would love to hear more people’s views – politics effects all of us each and every day – from the roof over our heads, the education our children receive, the money in our pockets, in the attitudes of those we meet and in society at large and many other ways. It is a big deal yet many of us barely mention it – I wonder why?

And if you do blog about it – make sure you let me know – my details can be found in the box below. See you next month.

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