Politics Round-up: Election response

politicsThe votes have been counted and verified and we have a new government. Reactions to this news are definitely mixed, and as such this months round-up is just in list form – I am deliberately avoiding grouping them into ‘sides’, as I am hoping that when push comes to shove, we are all on the same side – the side of humanity. I may disagree with the way some vote, but on a person to person basis I feel we are all capable of decency – let’s make sure that whoever is in power, treating those we know and those we don’t with kindness is top of our priorities, and let’s work together to make sure our government does the same.

Respect each other’s views, maybe even learn from each other’s views – but never stop standing up for what you believe in. As Charlotte Church eloquently said yesterday, democracy doesn’t stop when the votes are counted – if you feel strongly about something – blog about it, join a political party, write to your MP, lobby those with power, get your voice heard in whatever way feels most appropriate to you. Now over to what our bloggers have had to say:-

Not Just Another Mum on why she is not angry, she is disappointed.

Chelsea Mamma on why she voted blue.

Rachel In Real Life on the election fall out.

Mum Of Three World is proud of her little political animal.

Raising Bears on using your voice and your actions to support what you think is right.

Mummy From The HeartDear So and So, letters to others in the light of the election.

Attachment Mummy on Five More Damned Years.

Mum’s The Word shares her thoughts in the wake of the general election.

Sticky’s Situations‘Never talk about religion or politics’

Sonny and Luca on the stages of post election blues.

Rock’n’Roll Mum (yes, that’s me!) – My Dad’s thoughts on the general election outcome.

JB Mum Of One on the morning after the night before and a follow-up a few days later.

There is also the opportunity to link up your posts below – and apologies if I have missed you, I am aware that the election falling so close to round-up day means plenty of you may still be formulating your responses. 

See you next month.

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