Poetry & Prose Round-up: Woolly hats & welly boots

With a pinch of pumpkin spice…

October has passed in a blur of pumpkins, conkers, woolly hats and welly boots.

We have celebrated our very first half term for our eldest as she started “Big School” this year. Along with the obligatory Harvest Festival we have enjoyed getting to grips with all of the new and exciting aspects of school-life. The homework for one has been an interesting addition to our daily routine, as described here so perfectly by Midlife Drama in Pyjamas.  The school-run has also been a bit of an eye-opener.  I’ve got it sussed though now.  I’ve realised that I just need to get some more arms.

We’re finding our new normal though and school is very much a part of that.  The hardest part beyond all of the school gate politics, locating of lost uniform, and wading through the endless letters from school, has to be the fact that they’re just not at home with us any more.  Wendy at Naptime Natter wrote “I Miss You Now You’re At School” for her little boy, and it captures the feelings for me so perfectly.

Raising awareness and sharing our stories.

The blogging world is such a powerful platform for us to share our experiences.  Often in the hope that our words will reach out to other families in what can be their darkest times.

Baby Loss Awareness week saw some of us sharing our most personal and heartfelt stories last month. There are people that still see this as a Forbidden Topic (Mighty Mama Bear), or who try to empathise by comparing another person’s story to their own experience. Laura at Five Little Doves wrote her incredibly powerful piece: Why Your Loss Will Never Compare To Mine.  Chloe at The Adventures Of An Allergy Mummy shared her beautifully written: If Only You’d Stayed, and our own Poetry & Prose Co-editor Victoria gave us her story: The Pain Of Secondary Infertility.

October also hosted World Mental Health Day and the blogging community responded with their open and heartfelt posts such as: I Have A Little Superpower by Lucy At Home. and the moving and honest post by Mummy Thomas’ Blog: To My Darling Husband.

Becoming a Parent – Finding A New You.

I think that most of us would agree that the journey into parenthood can be overwhelming at times.  It can leave us questioning our own identities.  Rice Cakes and Raisins wrote this empowering post which I think every new mum will identify with.  There is no doubt that motherhood changes us.  Rhyming Mum wishes that she could go back and whisper into the ear of her pre-child self with her Letter To Pre-Mum Me.  It makes us vulnerable to new levels of judgement and we can feel under constant scrutiny, captured here so well by Jen at Poet31.  But with it, there also comes a new level of understanding and empathy.  Me Being Mummy shared her excellent post: Empathy: A Mother’s Perspective.

Gretchen Rubin famously said: “The days are long but the years are short”.  As time marches on I’m beginning to see the undeniable truth in this.  In no time at all the daily trial of just trying to get out of the house with two matching shoes (Bards for Babes) will be firmly behind us.  Memories of The Hell That Is Soft Play (Slouching Towards Thatcham) will be left to disintegrate. (Along with that rogue yogurt raisin that is always to be found festering at the bottom of the ball pool.) Before we can blink our teeny tiny babies are celebrating their 5th birthdays – as Little Button of 3 Little Buttons just has.  We swiftly find ourselves left to reflect on all the “shoulda, woulda, couldas” (Jo’s Writing Space.)

Autumn Leaves…Winter Begins.

“So many people look at autumn as an end as trees shed their leaves and winter draws in. But it doesn’t have to be an end – it is equally a beginning.” (Autumn Inspiring Change – A perfect seasonal poem by My Random Musings).

I can’t say that I was ever the biggest lover of autumn before having our littles.  But there is so much to be said for wrapping up warm and hearing small wellies crunch in crisp leaves.  If, however, autumn is not your thing, Turning Up In Devon has shared a fantastic survival guide with all of her usual warmth and humour.  Personally I don’t think that the world can ever have too much pumpkin spice and it makes my heart sing.  As does this gorgeous seasonal post by Sara at Mum Turned Mom.  A perfect piece to round-up our round-up this month.

If have written an original piece of poetry or prose, please contact either myself or our co-editor Victoria . You could be featured in our next round-up! Please tweet us @rhymingwithwine @VicWelton using #britmumspoetry. We’ll see you next month!

Dawn x

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