Poetry & Prose Round-up: Cosy, comforting creativity

Lovely to see you! Come in from the cold and sit here in front of the fire… yes go ahead, you can wrap yourself in that blanket. I’ll just pour the tea. Would you like a biscuit? OK, all settled? Welcome to the November poetry and prose round-up! This is the perfect time of year to put your feet up and have a good read, and I’ve got plenty to share with you this month.

Family was definitely a theme throughout much that I read, with Emma at LLM Calling penning a poem for her Grandfather, Louise at Mother In The Middle writing a touching piece about similarities between different generations and Keeping Strong & Moving Forward sharing a positive poem about stepfamilies. Meanwhile, Geraldine at Over Heaven’s Hill wrote a rather heart-rending story that highlighted the importance of families and friends throughout life, as did Jo from Fifty-something Fruitcake with this tale with a bite.

There were also some lovely creative pieces on the bond between parent and child: Dawn at Rhyming With Wine wrote an amusing poem about a newborn baby, Words Rhymes And Rambles shared some touching words about the many things that keep parents from sleep while Beth at Bamm Boo didn’t want her daughter to grow up too fast. Victoria from Verily Victoria Vocalises reflected on how fast time goes looking at her own past and her daughter’s future in this lovely poem.

October saw World Mental Heath Day – a fact which inspired some raw and honest work in both prose and poetic form. March at Mrs TeePot wrote about her self-image, Mummy Here And There shared how overwhelmed she sometimes feels and Spooky Mrs Green explored the darker part of her psyche. Meanwhile, Tracey at One Frazzled Mum captured ideas about fractured self-image in fictional form and Sara from Mum Turned Mom wrote a haunting poem that has lingered with me. Kate from Along Came Poppy also wrote a poem about darker times but which ended on a positive note about the effect her children have on her.

Such positivity was apparent in many other blogs too with Lisa’s Life writing a reflective poem, Chilli Regina sharing an uplifting piece about self-image and Pempi’s Palace and Becky at Diary of a Fat Bottomed Girl both writing beautiful poems about hope. Hope was also intertwined with fear in this short story by The Mum Reviews.

I also enjoyed this poem from Carol at Virtually All Sorts about why she loves autumn, this piece by Siobhan at Everyone Else Is Normal relaxed me as I read it, while this poem by Cara L McKee really made me smile – what a lovely way to spread happiness!

I’m writing this post on Halloween so for those of you who like a spooky tale, I’ll leave you with a short story of my own.

That’s it for this month! Remember you’re welcome to link up with my ‘What I’m Writing‘ linky over at Writing Bubble on Tuesdays or with my co-editor Victoria’s ‘Prose for Thought‘ on Thursdays. We love reading your creative pieces and my linky is perfect for sharing a ‘behind the scenes’ peek into your writing thoughts and processes too.

I’ll be back early next month with another roundup. Please tweet me @writingbubble using the hashtag #Britmumspoetry if you have any poetry or prose you’d like me to include – particularly if it’s Christmassy as it will be December by then.

See you soon!

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About Maddy Bennett

Maddy lives on a windy hillside in beautiful Northumberland with her husband and three young children. Between school runs (and when the toddler can be distracted with a biscuit) she writes flash fiction, short stories and poetry, much of which you can find on her blog Writing Bubble. From there, she also hosts ‘What I’m Writing’, a supportive linky for writers, poets and bloggers. She has a particular fondness for limericks – the sillier the better – and has been published by Iron Press. She is currently writing picture books and (very slowly) working on her first novel.

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  1. 04 November 2016 / 07:41

    Thank you so much for including me in your round up Maddy! Thrilled to be in such fab compay and I’ll be back to have a good read with a cuppa tonight. Dawn x