Pinterest Round-up: Pregnancy, c-sections & babies

April was an exciting month for us. We welcomed our second daughter into the world. Therefore for this month’s Pinterest Round-up I’m sharing with you lots of baby and pregnancy related pins. April was also c-section awareness month and as this was my my second c-section it’s very relevant to me and many others I’m sure. Also we had the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child Prince Louis Arthur Charles. 


There is lots of information on Pinterest regarding pregnancy. If you use Pinterest as a search engine, you can find almost anything you want. Nicola over at Mummy to Dex has this very useful pin on coping with SPD during pregnancy. The pin is clear and looks very professional, so when you click through you know you are going to read a reputable article. 

Kimberly from Odd Hogg shares with us her visit to the chiropractor while pregnant. Her pin’s have the same layout throughout, so they are easy to recognise and spot while you are browsing Pinterest. Kimberly uses a clear font, great description and also adds her blog name. If you take a look at Jenny’s pin from Midwife and Life it’s striking, with a mix of fonts. Plus it has a very eye catching title – 26 Weird and Gross Things That Can Happen In Pregnancy That Nobody Tells You About – Until Now! I can see why it has had alot of pins on Pinterest and proved to be a traffic driver.


This time around my c-section was planned and a much better experience. It was more of a calming experience and I got the immediate skin to skin contact I never got the first time around. For others though, sometimes having a c-section doesn’t go quite as planned. Jules over at Pondering Parenthood shares with us her rather unusual c-section birth story. Her pin design is clear and structured and she has added her own baby photos for cuteness!

Fran from Whinge Whinge Wine gives us her tips on what you should know before you have your planned c-section. Her catchphrase “Don’t be scared – be prepared” on her pin makes you want to click on it. It’s a good idea to use words to tease readers to get them onto your blog post, again helping to increase your traffic to your blog. 

One of the most important things to prepare for the hospital is arranging your hospital bags for you and the baby. Browsing through Pinterest on ideas for packing your hospital bag was exactly what I did. I used other mum’s ideas and tips to create my own list and then I made a pin for it also. Lists are very good traffic generators on Pinterest. 


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