Pinterest Round-up: Organising your boards & Mother’s Day pins

This month I want to share with you tips on organising your boards. Plus with it being Mother’s Day, a range of great looking Mother’s Day pins from bloggers who have applied their knowledge of Pinterest to drive traffic to their blogs. 

Organising Your Boards

Think of your Pinterest boards as your wardrobe. Isn’t it annoying if you can’t find that t-shirt you wanted to wear? If that t-shirt was with the other t-shirt’s it would be easier to find. Instead it’s in your pants drawer. Who would have thought to look there! Therefore keeping your boards organised is important for not only you to find specific pins, but your followers and for others to find you, your boards and pins.

Laura from I Heart Planners has a fantastic post on how to organise your boards, and if you check her post out you will see how she designed an eye-catching pin for this.

Firstly to start organising your boards, write down all your categories, e.g home, recipes, crafts, DIY, travel and so forth. You can always subdivide the categories further to different boards, e.g turn recipes into healthy eating, desserts, cakes and so on. The one thing I have learnt is that you cannot have too many boards. Plus it’s easy to change the name and description of your current boards to give them an update.

Secondly, your boards can be placed in any order. On the desktop version you can simply drag and drop your boards in any order you desire. I do recommend placing the most popular boards near the top and your group boards near the bottom.

Mother’s Day Pins

This month sees us celebrating Mother’s Day. There are lots of gift guides, crafts, and recipes out there helping us with inspirations ideas to celebrate this special day. It’s my second one this year and with going on maternity leave next week we have been budgeting to save money in all areas. So, I have put together a Mother’s Day gift guide for people on a budget. If you check out the post you will see my pin which I have made especially for Pinterest. It’s in my blog theme colours with bold lettering to help it show up amongst other pins on Pinterest.

Sarah from Just Buttons Blog has a fabulous pin for her Mother’s day gift guide showing what her guide has to offer. Again she has used eye-catching fonts and colour.

The lovely Jodie from Tightwad Mama shares her Mother’s Day craft ideas for kids pin which is simply a text overlay of one of her crafts. It’s appealing to the eye and shows us what her post is all about. Louise’s pin for her toddler craft ideas from Messy Little Monster is full on and shows off their crafting skills. It’s an inviting looking pin that will certainly bring traffic from Pinterest.

I’m loving the yellow colour scheme that Claire from The Ladybirds’ Adventures uses for her Mother’s Day gift guide pin. Not only does she use yellow flowers in the images on the pin, but she matches it in with the colour of the font used. 

Lastly I’m mentioning Fran’s pin from Whinge Whinge Wine for her fabulous Mother’s Day gift guide post because of its dimensions. The best pins on Pinterest are long vertical pins which stay on a readers radar for longer as they are scrolling down their searches. 


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