Expat Round-up: Picking up something from everywhere

expatroundupAs many of you know, over on The American Resident I write about the long term expat lifestyle, making an almost permanent home in another country (the ‘almost’ is probably more in my head than reality as it would be difficult to accept I have moved permanently). This means I’m one of those expats who don’t look at their possessions and think about how they’ll crate them up at the end of a set period of time. You can see some of my favourite things in my home in Where I live: Indoors.

Nappy Valley Girl in New York has also posted about cherished items in her home, but her possessions have been gathered from many moves over many years and so she must have a perfect routine for crating each of these precious items up for each move! What precious things would you blog about in your home?

Moving away from things and on to experiences–the core of the expat life, is Gina from Sweet Serenity in her post What I want; a lovely post on learning to want and crave and not feeling bad about wanting more in her life. Stop by and tell Gina what you want as well!

Oh dear, poor ol’ Potty is letting her expat experiences shake the Britishness right out of her. Stop by her post on The Potty Diaries, An expat confession… and see if you can relate at all (I’ll bet you can!).

Then we have Expat Mum who, with a similar predicament to Potty, is returning to Britain this weekend and has to remember to retrieve her Britishness before she lands on the green and pleasant land. Check out her difficulties in her post Return to the UK – Things not to do and you might find a few tips for your own visit home!

And finally, wherever we are–merging our habits with the culture of the host country or returning home and trying to remember which way things are done here, we often miss some part of where we’ve just come from. Chicken Ruby writes about what she misses from her home country…and also what she misses from her host country in What I miss about the UK as an expat. Click over and see if you agree with her list.

Your turn! Have any of these posts inspired you to write something similar? Or do you already have an expat tale to share? Leave it in the Linky below and we can all read about it!

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Michelle Garrett is the author of The American Resident, where she blogs about making a life overseas, raising a blended family, herding cats, chasing chickens and attempting the Good Life in Essex. Michelle is a freelance writer.

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