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Welcome to the first ever BritMums round-up for outdoor adventures! This new round-up aims to help you and your family get outside more and spark a lifelong love of nature while enjoying the mini adventures the great outdoors has to offer.

As an exhausted and busy Mum myself I know how hard it is to get outdoors. Often all you feel like is a large gin & mindless TV (or herbal tea and a book in my case!) even if, like me, you love and believe in the benefits of fresh air and outside activities for mental and physical health.

We all face parenting challenges and it often takes a little nudge from someone else to find the frame of mind to get up and go out.

I started Kids of the Wild to try to provide that spark of inspiration even if only to one person, to get outdoors on a low day. Quite often that one person is me! I flick through old posts to find an outdoor activity or a cool place to revisit.

Where to find inspiration

Social media and the press are full of the benefits of getting outdoors and why we should all be doing it. My own post summarises it here

There are bloggers doing amazing things outdoors all the time. Some bloggers are trying, struggling and trying again to get the kids outside. Others of us love the idea but don’t know where to begin. Hopefully this round-up will inspire us all but how do we know where to begin?

Kids of the Wild

On this round-up of course, and on my blog if you pop over and have a browse! I’m constantly adding new ideas for places to visit and things to do at home and away. For example, my three pillar posts will give you lots of ideas on where to start: –


Instagram is a great platform for outdoor inspiration.

Karen from Mini Travellers and Rachel from The Ordinary Lovely created the hashtag #UKExplore in conjunction with the National Trust, which provides tons of inspiration for nationwide family activities.

Fiona from Coombe Mill blogs every week about life on her holiday farm with posts including brilliant nature craft ideas for toddlers. She created the hashtag #CountryKidsFun celebrating all kinds of outdoor family fun.

Just looking at these photos might be enough to trigger an idea for a mini outdoor adventure.


Lots of bloggers, including me, have Facebook groups to share outdoor ideas and activities so you can browse through for inspiration. Check out Kids of the Wild on the link below. Here’s another great group mainly for pre-schoolers created by Claire at Ladybird’s Adventures and Jemma from Thimble and Twig. Why don’t you check out the group they set up for parents with ideas to help kids to play outside.

Try something new

I’ll include this heading in every round-up to help discover and try new activities outdoors. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


For me and many families, walking is the easiest way to connect with nature and the best way start having mini outdoor adventures. Having a dog ensures you have to get outdoors every day but for those who don’t, just walking to school now and then or wandering round the neighbourhood will start to make children notice the seasonal changes. And if there’s a tree to climb the adventure begins right there! Claire from Ladybird’s Adventures gives suggestions for things to do with kids on a walk with kids. If you like a longer walk, Annette from Four Acorns (who blogs in English and French) takes things a step further in her post about the best way to start kids hiking for the first time. If you need more persuasion, Kelly at Every Treasure’s talks about the difference a hike made to her family.


Interestingly, Geocaching is not something we’ve got into at Kids of the Wild. It’s a walking treasure hunt activity enjoyed by people all around the world. It’s great for kids of any age and especially pre-schoolers who need encouragement to keep going when they’re tired. All you need is a phone and some good waterproofs and wellies. There’s probably a hidden geocache not far from where you live. Katie from Mum of 2.5 explains all about geocaching and how to try it. 

Outdoor Nature Activities

Everything from collecting autumn leaves to playing in mud counts on the journey to nature connection and outdoor adventure. Start jumping into puddles and the next thing you know they’ll be leaping off rocks on a coasteering adventure! My belief is that we should encourage kids to be outdoors from the day they’re born.

Heidi at Southern Mummy explains why nature is so important to kids in her nurture nature post. 

Emma from Diggers and Dinosaurs shares these great ideas for things to do with the kids outside including blackberry picking and pond dipping.

If you’d like to try a seasonal theme, Emma from Hip2Trek suggests a few autumnal ideas for getting the kids outside. And don’t forget the Kids of the Wild posts above!

No time

If you find it hard to fit outdoor time into your family routine, try enrolling your kids in an organisation such as Scouting, Guiding or Forest School, where other people take your kids outside for a few hours a week. Research local groups and choose one with a strong outdoor ethos.

Mark from Big Man in the Woods has some helpful advice on coping with homesickness when kids camp away for the first time at Brownies or Cubs and his blog has lots of other Daddy and Scouting related articles.

So here we go. It’s time to get inspired to get the family outdoors. You can now do this with the round-up every month via BritMums. Wild wishes for a month of new outdoor adventures and I look forward to seeing you back in December with more ideas.

If you have a post about an amazing outdoor adventure, a fun family activity or even an outdoor fail that you’d like to share please send me the link for consideration.

Next month’s theme is Winter activities.

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About Lucy Holmes

Lover of nature, the wild and full-time outdoor Mum, Lucy is usually found with a dog poo-bag in pocket escaping her messy house for the garden, countryside or beach. Mother of a childhood cancer survivor whose mini adventures inspire Lucy’s blog Kids of the Wild. Lucy is passionate about the transformative benefits of nature connection, lessons reinforced during her daughter’s cancer battle. Having helped set up an early Forest School and rescue 28 swans she believes all children can benefit from more ‘outdoors’, even when quality family time together is short.


  1. 13 November 2018 / 17:50

    I’m thrilled to see you hosting this one Lucy. Outdoor family time is so important, my kids and my blog grew up on it. Thank you for the mention for #CountryKidsFun.

    • 16 November 2018 / 14:43

      Thanks Fiona, you’re very welcome and you had to be in there on the first post, you’ve been such a support and inspiration!