#ONEMums Lend us your voices! meme

Tomorrow eveining, BritMums Co-Founder Jennifer Howze and long-time BritMums member Michelle Pannell leave on their trip to Ethiopia with ONE.org. to see first-hand the difference that international aid from countries such as the USA and UK is making there. It will be a unique trip allowing them to see the continent’s many challenges and success stories and learn about the roles that young people, governments, schools, businesses and civil society are playing in Africa’s development. You can find out more about their trip here.

To support their journey, Clare at Seasider In the City has created the #ONEMums Lend us your voices! meme. It’s clever and touching all in one breath. Go over, support the trip and lend your voice!

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  1. Michelle Twin Mum
    05 October 2012 / 23:15

    Yes please do, it is a lovely heartwarming meme and quick to join in with too, but so worthwhile.

    Thanks all for such great support. Mich x