October Beauty Round-up: New products and body image

beauty roundup blog postsRain, wind, low temperatures, a full blown autumn which means that it is even harder to keep ourselves beautiful. Most of us are also affected by colds and the snotty noses don’t help us at all.

I love autumn but I hate the runny noses it brings. As we are searching for a bit of comfort I am drinking more teas and snuggle on the couch under lots of blankets. I love sitting like that on the couch and reading through the latest posts from my favourite bloggers. This is how I find out the latest in beauty so here is this month round up!


  • Amanda is bringing to our attention two new products – EdelWeiss from Siin and Origins new Plantscription™ Anti-Aging Power Serum She is such a lucky lady! I would love to be able to try out so many new products although I do prefer natural style products.
  • In her latest Beauty Haul, Chrissy is buying some different products: brushes, lipsticks and Lush Bath Bombs! I love Lush and I am so jealous…you see we only have a shower in our house and sometimes I miss baths a lot! I like Chrissy’s blog – very new but every time I read it makes me smile.
  • On Sophia’s Choice blog this month we discover Fresh of the Morning London – so if you are looking for more natural beauty products then this is the post to read. I find that Charlie always gives a lot of information about the products she tries out.
  • Ana Goes Green is also reviewing FoM Bath Oil but the review that impressed me the most is the one for Lily Lolo – Lip gloss and mineral blush. I have never tried mineral make-up before but it sounds good and I really like that Ana posted a picture with herself wearing the makeup.
  • Lisa says in her october beauty buys  that Mermaid Shampoo, although way expensive for my pockets, sounds interesting!
  • And it’s all about Pamper Parcels on Becky’s A Beautiful Space Blog, some really beautiful products included in the parcel and to tell you the truth I am in awe of such parcels. I wish I had invented them!
  • If you fancy trying out a new nail polish colour then why not check PennyxxLane blog? Louie is trying out Barry M Cardamon colour. On her blog I also discovered Revolution new palette eyeshadow I would love having one of them in my bathroom draw.
  • On Lotty Loves we stay with Barry M and Eye of Chorus – love all those beautiful shiny nail polishes.


  • We all know how important it is to drink water but this month Joanne is telling us how her year of drinking 8 glasses of water a day was. I’m intrigued and as I do have dry patches on my elbows and I could really do with some softer skin I am going to download the app and start the challenge tomorrow! Softer skin means more beautiful so I dare you to try it out too!
  • On my own blog Gold Sprinkles I am giving you advice on how you should prepare your skin for winter – yup! Winter is closer that you might think!

And to end I want to bring to your attention the BEAUTY as a bigger subject – think about how you influence your children idea of beauty, especially if you have girls. This is why this month I truly enjoyed the Dove series of posts. However the post I enjoyed the most is the one from Helen and GG on Actually Mummy blog with Beauty Legacy – who do you #FeelBeautifulFor? It is so nice to see GG smiling in the video.

My eldest is 4 years younger than GG but I already worry as she is so self conscious and I know that she is like this because of MY attitude towards my body. I really need to change my attitude.

Hope you will not catch too many colds and don’t forget to link up your latest beauty posts below!

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  1. Actually Mummy
    24 October 2014 / 20:34

    Ah keep telling her what you love about her and she won’t go far wrong. It’s hard though x

  2. 18 November 2014 / 11:42

    My tip for winter – drink hot water with honey and lemon
    Use lots of moisturiser
    Take brisk walks in the cold – it’s invigorating