November’s Video Round-up: What have you been up to?

videoWelcome to the November round-up of video bloggers. Can you believe we are nearly at the end of the year?

You’ve been a busy lot since the kids went back to school. Here is what you have got up to!

Kara from Chelsea Mamma went to a princess ball with her children and their friend! It was so good, she’s doing it all over again at the next birthday party. She also did a Kidizoom Smart Watch challenge at Go Ape! See here for details…

Tinuke from Circus Mums did a #vlogchallenge post where she completed a family interview. She also did a cinema review. Watch here

Mari from Mari’s World has been cooking with the kids this month for the BritMums OXO campaign and shows a fab Beef & Ale Casserole – yum!

Eileen from ET Speaks From Home also cooked with the kids for the OXO campaign and you can see her Herby Salmon Fillet here. Not one to leave it at a single video, Eileen has done a host of reviews this month. Check out her other vlogs too: FatFrame iPad Case Review; Dyson DC43H Mattress Handheld Review; ZAZU SAM Sleeptrainer & Nightlight Review.
Plus she has even done a video for the Wayfair blog – a DIY Origami Crane Door Hanger!

Lastly this month Kirstie from The Family Adventure Project has highlighted places to visit in The Philippines with a ‘video studded’ blog post. The adventure post at the end is brilliant!

There was an interesting post this month on BritMums about video called ‘Should you be driving traffic to your YouTube?’ As so many of us have blogs and YouTube accounts, it is an area for us to consider. Do we use one medium to support the other or do we have a different audience for each?

Regarding this monthly video round-up, all BritMums members are welcome to submit their blog posts containing video to be included in the round-up. We specify that we will link to blog posts containing video rather than the actual video on YouTube for two reasons. First because BritMums is a blogging network, we want to help promote your blogs! There are loads of round-ups to submit your posts to, but the one I compile is the Video one, so I want your posts specifically containing video! Secondly, by linking to your blog from the BritMums website, we are creating an inbound link to your blog which helps your SEO! So when you upload your videos to YouTube, have a think about whether you’d like to promote that video on this round-up. If you would, drop it into a post on your blog and send the URL to me!

Please visit each others posts and comment – remember, sharing is caring!

The theme next month as we are in December, is the year end and celebrations. You could vlog about how you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or how you celebrated Diwali. You could sum up your year and talk about the goals you wanted to achieve, or maybe what the end of the year means to you. On the subject of celebrations, here is a video I recorded containing a tutorial of how to wrap a gift that is an awkward shape. It may come in handy at this time of year!

As always, interpret the theme how you wish and send your blog posts containing your video to me by Friday 12th December 2014. You can tweet me, @Businessmum, or email me through my blog JuggleMum.

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