November’s positively inspirational round-up – an eclectic mix!


inspiration round upGood morning, it’s the start of the month and my aim today is to bring you an eclectic mix of posts to read.  All are positive or will inspire you but probably in completely different ways. There is even the odd one that might just bring a tear to your eye but they are such compelling reads.

I do love this round-up, I have such fun each month reading the posts that are recommended to me or seeking out new blogs that I might include. Please do let me know if you have any recommended reading for me.

Without further ado I first take you over to visit Candi in Ireland, she is such a heart-warming and truly inspirational blogger. I love to visit her blog ‘Looking for Blue Sky’ and I am never disappointed, single handidly Candi looks after her three super kids, one of which has cerebral palsy and another Asperger’s, I often wonder how she finds the time to write but am thankful she does.  This post celebrates her Smiley’s sixteenth birthday and is titled ‘What I would tell that frightened new mum of a 26 week premmie baby’.

Talking of celebrations, Christmas is not too far away and that makes me think about the little black dress, or not so little as the case is for me. I have to be honest, a diet is never far away and I read quite a number of diety sort of posts but when I read this recent post from Sonia on her new blog ‘Finding my Inner Girl’ I really believe she is going to achieve her goals and that is what it is all about after all. Go give her some support. I can’t mention diet blogs without sharing my favourite diet blogger though and that is Natasha over at the 1970’s Diet, she is straight talking and tells it as it is. Having just celebrated her first bloggerversary her blog is well worth a read if you like a little bit of controversial thrown in with the inspirational.

With the next post I’ve chosen you’ll see why I have food issues.  Just take a peek at these gingerbread houses from Helen at the Crazy Kitchen, I think there must be literally thousands of us watching from afar as she completes her challenge to make a themed gingerbread house for each festive occasion this year, the Valentines one is my favourite for sure!

A new blog find for me this month is ‘Oh Marvellous’ a blog written by Cath, who at 38 is going through the journey that is breast cancer. The post I’m sending you over to read, talks about how her treatment is now over and she is trying to carve herself out a new life, really rousing. As I read her blog it reminded me that I have not been to visit my gorgeous bloggy friend Fay for a while.  Fay at the moment is fighting Kidney cancer and last year went through cancer of the uterus, she is one tough fighting lady who still manages to smile and see the bright side.

A beautiful post that made me see the bright side is this one from Attachment Mummy as she discusses her own adoption and upbringing. When she came home from the adoption centre her Grandparents named it a ‘special day’ and marked it until their death. Just recently I have been pondering about adoption and this makes me even more interested to find out more.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever linked to this blogger before but she is completely inspiring, in fact last year she was a finalist in the inspiring category at the MADS, she was also my roomie and a fabulous one too! Normally she is the champion of premmie parents everywhere and campaigns to ensure that all children get a fair chance.  The post that was pointed out to me this time though was something quite different and at first I wondered how I could link to it in a positive round-up but I realise that whilst what happened to Kylie was a terrible thing.  Her bravery and openness have to be applauded and I am sure she will be helping so many people to be able to speak up and heal just a little.  My heart goes out to you Kylie, I have such respect for you.

Then I’ll leave you with the BritMums very own editor Mari, I enjoyed reading her ‘Me Time’ post, although I don’t know that enjoyed is the right word as Mari talks about feeling out of sorts. It was probably more relate, us Mums have such busy lives and we end up letting ourselves go a bit and need to carve out that all important me time again, think I’ll go take a nice warm bath on that note.

Thanks for reading, catch you again next month.  Mich x

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Mummy from the Heart is the fourth baby of Michelle, a 46 year old (manic) mother living in East Sussex. Having moved to the countryside and ‘retired’, Michelle can now be found eating too much cake and taking long walks. She lives life on the bright side and looks for the joy in every situation, even the excess pounds those cakes keep adding! Michelle’s blog is a very honest place where she shares tales of imperfect parenting, being a Christian digital activist and anything else that takes her fancy.


  1. 03 November 2012 / 08:06

    Cripes those gingerbread houses are amazing! Some great blogs for me to follow, thanks 🙂

    • Michelle twin mum
      05 November 2012 / 09:15

      My pleasure, the houses really are fab!

  2. 03 November 2012 / 10:53

    thanks for the mention & including me in your round-up Michelle. A mention should go out to all the other gingerbread house creators that entered into this challenge too, especially my gingerbread partner in crime Susan Mann! x

    • Michelle twin mum
      05 November 2012 / 09:20

      There is kinky on yours, isn’t there Helen, so people can go hopping to the other posts thanks mich x

  3. 03 November 2012 / 11:28

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for including me in your round up. It was the hardest post I have ever written, and I deliberated long and hard about it. Thanks for your kind words and support, its very much appreciated

    • Michelle twin mum
      05 November 2012 / 09:21

      Thank you love for opening it & writing it. X x

  4. 03 November 2012 / 12:22

    Thank you so much for mentioning me and pointing me in the direction of so many other powerful & inspiring blogs.

    • Michelle twin mum
      05 November 2012 / 09:22

      That is what I love about these round-ups you find lots of new bloggers x x

  5. 03 November 2012 / 19:20

    Thanks so much for including a post of mine and I love your varied choices, especially the gingerbread houses one!

    • Michelle twin mum
      05 November 2012 / 09:23

      Lol it is always good to add something a little unexpected in there, hey?