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For most of us, the summer holidays have just begun. If you work from home, it’s time to enjoy the extra sleep (if your little ones let you have it) and relax a little. It feels great, doesn’t it? Well, for a few days at least.


Before long, you start to feel that familiar knot in your chest. I’m not getting enough work done, you say to yourself as you open the laptop. The kids have been on screens too long, you say to yourself as you close your laptop and sit down to play. The washing needs doing, the food needs cooking and I really need a shower, you say to yourself in exasperation.


The summer holidays are supposed to be a time to chill but all too often we stretch ourselves too thin. We can’t do it all – but there are things you can do to give yourself an easier (and more productive) time.


  • Allow yourself downtime. You can’t pour from an empty cup – nor should you try. When you get frazzled, STOP. Step away from the screen, or whatever else you’re doing, and do something that relaxes you.
  • Do what feels easy. Chances are you probably can’t concentrate anyway, so you may as well choose a task that feels like water off a duck’s back. If there are gaps you just can’t fill, then get guest posts in or skill swap with another blogger.
  • Work little and often. Those tiny pockets of time do add up – break each thing down into smaller tasks and work in 20 minute bursts.
  • Prep as much as you can. Taking some time to prepare (deciding blog posts for the month, writing post plans, generally planning ahead) will save you so much hassle in the long run.


On to the newbies round-up! A massive thank you to everyone who submitted a post this month. I would have loved to feature you all!



Want to be featured in August’s round-up? If your blog is less than 18 months old or recently relaunched, email me a blog post by 16th August.

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