Newbies: 3 tips for newbie bloggers

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Welcome back to the Newbie Round-up! I hope you are all having a great start to November. Are you feeling festive yet? I can’t wait for Christmas this year as we’re headed back to the UK. 


Our Newbie Round-up is for blogs under 18 months old. I remember when I started my blog there was so much to learn. If I’m honest there still is! Algorithms are frequently changing and there are new platforms and strategies seemingly on a weekly basis. I wanted to share my top 3 tips for all the newbies out there. 


3 tips for newbie bloggers


  • Learn about SEO right now. Don’t wait until you have more posts. Learn how to optimise your posts as soon as you can. Not all of your posts will be prime for optimisation, but the helpful, how to, tutorial or review type posts are. 
  • Repurpose content. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel and kill yourself throwing up new content everywhere. Focus on one piece of content a week and repurpose this into different formats for other platforms.
  • Promote more than you create. For every hour you spend creating you should spend four hours promoting and connecting.


I hope these tips give you something new to think about and that they help you grow your blog. 


Right let’s get to this month’s newbies. Thank you to everyone who submitted a post, it’s greatly appreciated. I wish I could feature you all. 




You know the drill! Grab a brew, maybe a biscuit, put your feet up and dive into these posts. I know you’ll love them! That’s it for this month. If you’ve been blogging for under 18 months and would like to submit a post, you can email your specific post to [email protected] subject Newbie Round-up. 


Have a great November!

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Aby Moore is a mum of one feisty little girl and blogs over at You Baby Me Mummy on all things family, lifestyle and being a Mamapreneur. After starting her blog in Aug 2013, Aby won the Best Non Dad blog in the Love All Dads annual blog awards in 2014 and was Family Finalist in the BIBs in 2015, Video Finalist in 2016 and Social Media Finalist in 2017. Her blog was originally an online memory keeper but quickly transformed her life. Now working as a full-time blogger and social media manager, she helps fellow bloggers by writing regular blogging tips posts, courses and is fully immersed within the community, including her own Mamapreneur Revolution community. She can be found on Twitter @youbabymemummy