Newbie Tuesday: The Half Term fail!

newbie tuesdayLast night, around 9pm I had a bit of a panic. It is half term, and I had used the free days to extend my weekend with the grandparents, so when I returned home late, it felt like a Sunday. Actually Daddy was remarkably relaxed too, having missed our company over the weekend, so a film and a bottle of wine were both cracked open. It felt like a Sunday.

Until I checked into Hootsuite and discovered this:

Even then the penny didn’t click and I tweeted her to ask what on earth she was on about! Then I read her post Crumby Mummy has been awol, and realised it was Monday, 10pm, I was knackered, and I had a post to write for BritMums! Aaaaaargh! Thanks for the heads up Crumby Mummy!

Such is the power of a half-term holiday once the kids are of school age. I love them, I live for them, I relax into them. And everything else goes to pot. I remember being outraged as a 3 month old (blogger, obviously) when everyone disappeared in August last year, along with all my comments. How come Mummy bloggers are such lightweights? Have they no commitment? How dare they take a holiday when I am touting my blog mercilessly? And now look at me: #holidayfail!

However, Britmums are lovely, and have not castigated me yet. And new bloggers can always be relied upon to keep me on my toes. So, to those bloggers who have contacted me this week to showcase their wares – well done ladies, my fail is your gain:

Mummy’s Cheeky Monkey‘s DM to me came in the nick of time and I got to read her very first post. It is a privilege to discover bloggers in their very first week. It takes me right back to the early days of my own blog, when I had no idea what I was doing, but so wanted to know if it was right! I discover new blogs at various entry points, but to follow one from the beginning is a lovely way to watch a writer develop and figure out their blog’s path, especially if it comes with the learning journey they are taking as a new parent.

City Girl at Heart also drew me in with a tweet and then more so when I was the design of her blog. A little bit different and a little bit cheeky. I do hope her blog posts will be in the same vein! Certainly I am liking her promise that she will provide us with yummy, healthy, mood-boosting and cheap recipes – 2012 is my year if she can deliver that each week!

Thank goodness for stress-busting laughter, and Aka Muma provides that every time. This week her timely look at the likelihood of actually achieving something as a parent made me feel better about my tardiness over here! She also made me giggle with a picture of the reason behind her requirement for wine each night!

Romanian Mum stopped me laughing and made me cry with her new Words of Wisdom post for Mondays. She has excellent taste in poetry, and I am looking forward to finding out more about a sensitive lovely blogger through her choice of words each week.

Shell LouiseFinally, I am always amazed by the capacity of an image to move me to emotion. It doesn’t even need to be an image of a child; just a road can put me in a place of stillness and contemplation – even a road I do not recognise. How can pictures do this?

Right! Next week, back on track, so come and join in with the discussion on the forum reavealing your biggest blogging mistakes (I’ve already bared all!). If you have any troublesome or amusing expericences, let us know – then I won’t be the only one with big #fail to my name!

Don’t forget, you can comment here to let me know about your blog, leave me a message on BritMums, or find me on Twitter @ActuallyMummy.

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Helen Wills is a mum of 2 children in primary school and blogs at Actually Mummy on parenting issues, school, travel, and life according to the kids. Since starting her blog in 2011, Helen has won 2 national awards, and puts a lot of her success down to the amazing online community of bloggers at BritMums. As her children grow older, her writing is increasingly influenced by their opinions, and her blog reflects this drive to get the most out of family life.

Helen works from home in copywriting and social media. She is on Twitter @actuallymummy.


  1. 15 February 2012 / 09:55

    Oh…thank you for tagging me. I am a bit overwhelmed 🙂

  2. 15 February 2012 / 10:32

    Thank you for the mention. How exciting! I will look forward to visiting the others.

  3. 15 February 2012 / 10:44

    AKA Mum, Love the post! Makes my day seem much fummier! It won’t recognise my URL. I have that problem with blogger sometimes.

    • 15 February 2012 / 10:44

      Obviously that it funnier! ;o)

  4. 15 February 2012 / 15:11

    Thanks for including me in Newbie Tuesday! Think I’m the newest blogger on the block! Really inspired by all the mummy bloggers out there. :)xx

  5. Helen
    15 February 2012 / 18:36

    You’re all doing so much better than I was at your stage already! 🙂