Newbie Tuesday roundup: Get ready for a bunfight!

newbie round-upI’ve had a whale of a time reading and bookmarking posts for you this month. New bloggers have hit the typeface without any pussyfooting around, saying what they want to say, and saying it loud! I like that. But because I’m a kind host, I’m going to start you off with something just lovely, you know, just to break you in gently.

I love it when a blogger writes about a product for no other reason than because she likes it. But this post about Pearl and Peggy, a mum who lost her premature babies and turned her experience into something beautiful for others going through the same pain, really bowled me over with how altruistic it is. Blogger Mumma Andrea is a young mum, with a beautiful new blog, and she has used it beautifully to support a lovely cause.

Right, fancy a huge bunfight? Course you do, that’s partly what blogging’s all about! Well head over to Blooming Boo‘s post about taking children on holiday during term-time. *Waits for messy stuff to hit fan.* It’s an argument Actually Daddy and I have on a regular basis, mostly because I’m a goody-two-shoes sensible, and he’s a maverick more laid back. Whichever side of the debate you take, it’s not an issue that’s going away any time soon, but what I want to know is, what do you tell the school when you do take them out? Off sick? Or two fingers up to the establishment??

Another post guaranteed to raise the emotion is Why no Panic? from Bumps and Grind. Kathryn posts regularly about mental health issues, being open about her own experiences of this vastly under-supported issue. Here she takes a topical stance on why our medical system  lets mental health cases get so out of control before they intervene, when so much can be done to prevent the escalations that take the biggest toll on the system, and on victims. It’s a really interesting read.

Wry Mummy has clearly had a run-in with an old person recently, because she was compelled to write this lovely poem – I Hope I’ll Smile at Children in the Supermarket Aisle. You know from the title exactly where this post is going, and it’s one that most of us will relate to, if only because we’ve had it happen to us. For me though, I’m with Jess in wondering if age is going to make me drier, and less tolerant. I see a mum having a bad day, and I sympathise, although the days of toddler tantrums are just a memory now. I hope that I can still remember when I’m old. After all, there are old people more difficult than any toddler I’ve ever met! *Ducks.*

Now for a tongue-in-cheek post (I think!) which saw me nodding along in total recognition, and contemplating the creation of a school for weekend parents. How to Survive the Weekend Without Killing your Partner sees Californian Mum in London wondering what happens to sane and rational parenting when she’s not in charge. Trust me, you will recognise your partner somewhere in this!

Now for a lighthearted look at growing up. Life at the Little Wood has a post about The Change. By which she means the moment your angelic sweet baby morphs into a  threenager. If you’re lucky, it will happen when they’re three, but don’t count on it! It’s hilarious, but true, so if you’re approaching this maniacal magical age, make sure you have gin to hand before  you read this.

Finally, Keep Calm and Waste Less is a lovely read from The Intrepid Misadventurer. Kanchan Char (amazing name!) takes you by the hand and leads you through the past, with glimpses of war-time rationing, and old-fashioned instructions on how to do the laundry. You’ll need a cup of  tea, because it’s one of those posts you’ll want to kick back and really get into, with a very serious point about how we live our lives today. Enjoy. You’re welcome 🙂

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Helen Wills is a mum of 2 children in primary school and blogs at Actually Mummy on parenting issues, school, travel, and life according to the kids. Since starting her blog in 2011, Helen has won 2 national awards, and puts a lot of her success down to the amazing online community of bloggers at BritMums. As her children grow older, her writing is increasingly influenced by their opinions, and her blog reflects this drive to get the most out of family life.

Helen works from home in copywriting and social media. She is on Twitter @actuallymummy.


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