Newbie Round-up: Celebrations and remembering we ALL rock

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June has been and gone, one of it’s highlights was Emma from Island Living 365 being crowned ‘Fresh Voice’ at the BIBs awards, very well deserved too. July has arrived and we’re getting ready for a summer of adventures. Personally, our next family adventure is Camp Bestival at the end of the month and we’re all so excited! Baby calls it ‘Camp Bestibal’ and is constantly ‘interviewing’ me on my iPhone video about what I am looking forward to the most!


As always the awesome posts from our ‘Newbies’ have been coming thick and fast and here are a small selection of some of my favourites this month. First up, Mouse Moo & Me Too  with #1 Beef Stifado and no this is not a recipe. She has such a funny and engaging writing style and I loved her humorous take on normal life.  It certainly made me feel better about not being Mary Poppins!


Five Simple Steps to Becoming a Beta Mummy by The Adventures of Beta Mummy. I LOVE Beta Mummy, maybe because I feel like I’m with my soul mate when I am reading her posts. This hilarious examination of the progression from Alpha Mummy to Beta Mummy, focusing on becomingly progressive worse a being a mum, while drinking significantly more wine! Do you identify?!


Being a parent is hard and I think us mums in particular tend to give ourselves a bit of a hard time. Maybe it’s societal pressures or expectations, or maybe we just put the pressure on ourselves. I’m not sure, but I do I know I am so much harder on myself than I would ever be on someone else. So, 10 reasons I rock at being a mum from Patricia from White Camillias was just the tonic I needed. This is such a fabulous post and I think it is important to acknowledge that we ALL rock.                                                                                              


The next post is one I actually featured over on my own blog You Baby Me Mummy in our linky #TheList and it’s from Memeandharri.  It’s ok is a post primarily written with new mums in mind, but to be honest I think the message can apply to all of us. I loved the honestly of this post, which I’m sure will have helped those reading who were possibly going through a tough time.


Lots of us juggle constantly to get everything on our long to do lists ticked off.  Jo from Panoroma Road shared 5 life hacks for working parents, offering her advice and some great practical tips too.  Hackney Mama continued the working mum theme with The freelancing mum’s guide to getting sh*t done, which was full of really useful tips.


Last but by no means least is Kelly from Bringing up Georgia with OMG I am my mum! I know I have had the exact same moments since becoming a mum, quite terrifying! This post is funny because it’s so true! 


That’s all for me for this month, I will be back again in August with more awesome Newbie talent. Don’t forget, if you wish to submit a post for consideration, your blog needs to be 18 months old or less. Please email all submissions (specific posts please) to [email protected] Have a great month!

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  1. 16 July 2016 / 08:22

    What a fantastic endorsement of my blog, thank you Aby.

    Very pleased to be featured alongside such fabulous writers.

    P.s. Have a great time at Camp Bestival, I love that festival!