An All New Expat Round-up: Copenhagen, Tasmania, Canada and Boston!

expats roundup of blog posts UKAs much as I have loved it, after three years of writing the Foodie Round up, it was time for a change. Having handed back the gourmet reins to the very capable Mari, I am ready and raring to go for this, my new monthly Expat Round up.  

Having lived abroad for the past five years, I like to think of myself as qualified in matters such as culture shock, extreme emotional roller coasters, homesickness and wanderlust, all in good measure.  

When we left the UK and moved to Copenhagen in 2009, I remember initially thinking how hard can it be? Ladies and gentlemen, what followed shortly afterwards was my first introduction to culture shock. When your roots are very much uprooted and temporarily planted in the topsoil of another country, it doesn’t matter how similar it looks, the fact that everyone else speaks a different language to you, eats completely different foods and the place doesn’t feature any of your friends and family in the near vicinity, it can at times feel challenging.

But along with that, it can also be wonderful, enlightening and pretty damn life enhancing in good measure. And basically it can’t have been that bad, as after two years of Scandi living, we swapped the sea and smorrebrod for the mountains and Munich, and 3 years later we are still here, and currently pondering where next?

If you too live an Expat existence, have done so in the past, or are indeed considering it in the future, then this round-up is for you. It’s also for you if you have moved permanently forever and ever somewhere too, fear not! 

Each month I will be looking for expat bloggers based all over the world so we can take a peek at what life is like for you in your temporary (or not) homeland. What does it feel like to be the stranger in the midst, which customs and traditions have you adopted as your own and what will you take with you when it’s time to move on? What do you hate, what do you love? The subject matter is completely up to you! 

Before I sign off for the month, I will leave you with a few of my favourite expat blogs in no particular order, do pop over to Tasmania to visit DorkyMum who wouldn’t necessarily describe herself as an Expat blogger, but she does write so beautifully about it.

On to Canada next with Lou’s Lake Views, full of beautiful images of this gorgeous country.  

Then one of my favourite food blogs – Ginger & Bread – a German Expat in the UK successfully (and always beautifully) recreating tastes from home, and MumturnedMom who has coped admirably with a ridiculous amount of snow this past winter in Boston

If you fancy being featured, then please do leave your details on the linky below and I look forward to getting to know a whole load more global citizens! 

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About Emma Raphael

Emma Raphael left the UK for Copenhagen in 2009, with her ever-patient husband and two small children.
Having enjoyed a couple of years in Scandinavia, Emma and her family found they enjoyed Expat life so much that they now reside in Munich – where the pace of life is relaxed, her language skills are small, and the mountains and bier halls are very large. Being one half of a self-proclaimed foodie couple, Emma enjoys the new produce and restaurants in each new country she resides in, and has made it her mission to convince people that English food no longer deserves the bad rap it once had. She can be found in the kitchen when she’s feeling homesick, trying to recreate comfort food from home. She also has huge passions for travel, photography, art, wine, gardening (although according to her Bavarian neighbours, she’s not much good at that!) and her family (of course)!



  1. 26 March 2015 / 19:51

    Thank you so much for the mention Emma! The snow is finally melting… 🙂

  2. 01 April 2015 / 21:51

    I loved reading this. It is great that there is a place for us expat and travel bloggers to virtually meet and connect with each other. Looking forward to taking part!

    Rossi 🙂 (moved from the UK to Italy last year)

  3. 09 April 2015 / 06:35

    Hi, I’ve added my link and left comments on the other linkers posts, how would you prefer us to send links to you for next months round up?

  4. 13 April 2015 / 11:03

    Hi @chickenruby, keep on adding them to the linky please, I always read all of them added! Thank you! 🙂