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I don’t know about you but mess stresses me out. Mountains of toys, clothes and dishes seem to be never-ending and nobody but me seems to notice it. 

I once went on a mini-strike and refused to put the used toilet roll tubes in the bin. Do you know what happened? After a good week or so there was a neat line of rolls along our radiator. Nobody had thought to put them in the bin, they’d just added to the line. 

There have been times when I have got mad, ranted to everyone that the house needs to be looked after by everyone and that I am sick and tired of doing it all myself. 

And guess what?

Nobody cared. 

Do you know what I have come to realise? 

“If you want something doing, do it yourself.”

It is me that gets bothered by the mess, me that gets frustrated by the volume of work to be done, so it is me that needs to lead by example, roll up my sleeves and get on with it. 

So that is what I have been doing. I have put routines in place that mean chores are broken down into manageable chunks and no mountain seems to high to climb. I am in charge of keeping the house neat and tidy and actually that is fine by me – I know what needs to be done and I do the job to a standard I can be proud of. 

Tips for getting organised at home

When you have little ones around, kids to take and pick up from school, errands to run, it can be difficult to find the time. But by breaking it all down into 1-minute or 5-minute tasks, you’ll get more done and feel a sense of achievement as a result. Feeling good will make you want to do more and so routines and habits will form. 

Make your bed as soon as you get up. That way you’ll come to bed to a neat space and it will encourage you to keep the rest of the room tidy. 

Wipe down your sink while you clean your teeth. It doesn’t take a minute but will mean your bathroom feels fresh and clean.

– Take a load of washing down with you each morning. My wash pile used to touch the ceiling but it was because half the time I’d go days without putting any on! Now I don’t go down without taking a load with me and it doesn’t get unmanageable unless we go on holiday! 

Set a timer and put as many things in a tub as you can in the time. If your living room looks like you’ve been burgled then it can seem a daunting task. Get yourself a tub and shove as much as you can inside in 5 minutes. You then have a tidy space and can tidy everything out of the tub at your leisure.

Fold your washing as you take it off the line. This is something I started doing recently and it makes such a difference! The pile doesn’t seem nearly so big when it comes to putting it away. 

Divide the house into zones. I have written about zones on my blog and it is the only way I manage to keep on top of the house as a whole.

Shine your sink before bed. Take everything off and shine it until it gleams – that way you’ll come down to a clean space the next morning and it’ll set you up for a great day. 

By setting yourself smaller tasks, you’ll achieve them easily and that will make you want to carry on and do more. And do you know what else happens? The rest of the family soon joins in!

Do you know what happened over the weekend? I was out in the garden getting it ready for winter (putting toys away and raking up leaves) and after a few minutes my eldest came out and asked if she could sweep the patio. Shortly after that my husband came out and got out the lawnmower. 

Productivity and organisation are infectious. 

I have been the lone ranger in my quest for household organisation for a few months now but slowly but surely everyone else is getting on board. The children even put their own plates in the dishwasher now – without asking. 

So if you are fed up with the mess, it is up to YOU to set the tone and get on top of it. Lead the way by example and others with follow you before you know it. 


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