Mums & Tots Round-up: Tips for starting nursery

The summer holidays are flying by aren’t they? I don’t know about you but my mind is already starting to wander towards the start of the new term, making sure they are kitted out with new uniform and everything else they will need for the first day. September will see my oldest starting in year 1 but also my youngest daughter Lils starting nursery. I can’t quite believe it to be honest with you! 

One minute they are a bundle of newness and the next minute you are buying them school shoes and a book bag! Madness. Not only is it an emotional time for the parents, it is of course a daunting time for the little ones. Starting their journey into the educational system – it is a huge change for them. 

I thought it would be good to gather any posts around this topic. Some are specific to starting a school type nursery but others are more general posts covering daycare type nurseries. Each is useful to the process though and will hopefully help you come September.

Finding the right nursery

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Preparing for the first day

Real Mum Reviews 

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Amy Being Mum 

Amy Treasure 

When I reached out to the blogging community, Sarah from Arthur Wears said that she found making a pictorial timetable useful. On a settling in day she took photos of various things in the classroom so that she could use them to help explain what would happen. Someone’s Mum then shared her ‘how to’ for making a visual timetable – as a teacher I cannot recommend these enough! 

Starting nursery is a big change, they are leaving you and all that they know for several hours a day – more if you have wrap-around care. Take time to sit and talk about it all and hopefully they will settle in quickly and easily. 

Is your little one starting nursery this September? How are you feeling about it?

Next month I am going to be thinking about party season – everyone we know seems to have a birthday party in September/ October so our weekends are chocka! If you have written a post about your little one’s birthday party or have any tips for throwing a successful bash then email me at [email protected]

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