Mums & Tots Round-up: Outdoor fun whatever the weather

Ok, so apparently the warm weather is about to arrive. I mean it has to come now, right? We’ve had enough of winter already! 

One of the things I look forward to in April and May is the fact that I can throw open all of the windows and doors, let the fresh air in and the kids out! 

All of mine love being outdoors and as much as they love it year-round, the warmer months are the best time of year, aren’t they? 

Outdoor play brings new games, new adventures and just a whole lot of fun that can’t be had easily indoors. 

I have asked around in the blogging community to find the best outdoor themed activities for little ones and it has made me even more excited for those warmer days. 

Sunny day fun…

Hot Pink Wellingtons is a girl after my own heart – she shares a few ideas for getting the little ones interested in gardening. I cannot wait to get digging in our garden! 

I love the idea of making ordinary daily activities that little bit more magical and Mummy’s Magical Mayhem does exactly that with this picnic with a twist. 

Making potions would have to be my all-time favourite thing to do as a child. I can’t even think whether I have done it with mine but thanks to this reminder from Thimble & Twig it is now on my list. 

Water play is one thing you can’t easily do in the winter, so the warm months mean lots of splashy fun. Two Tiny Hands has a lovely idea using foamy fun!

This next one is definitely something on my list – the RSPB challenge. Growing Family tells us all about it and how we can get involved. 

This activity brings back such happy childhood memories for me… mudpie making! Head over to The Gingerbread House to bring back your memories too! 

and rainy days…

Now, I don’t even mind a few rainy days as long as it isn’t too cold. So outdoor play can still happen, you just need to think outside the box a little more. 

Messy Blog has some gorgeous photos here, sharing a super simple activity for little ones… go take a look. 

Have you always got a load of flowers lurking in your pocket or bottom of your bag? I do – the girls are always picking them and giving them to me to keep… forever. Well, Thimble & Twig has got the best idea for making this a reality! 

And finally, The Ladybirds’ Adventures shares a fantastic bucket list with 30 things to do in spring – whatever the weather. 

I hope that no matter what the next few months hold for us weather-wise, that you all get out and enjoy being at one with nature. Being outside brings a whole new element to play and helps children to develop new skills. Enjoy! 

Next month I think I will share a few book lists with you. Wills is obsessed with reading and it is such a lovely activity to do with your little one. 

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