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Mums in Business Round-up: Using Pinterest to drive traffic

Mums in Business Round-up: Using Pinterest to drive traffic

When running a business there are so many areas of social media it can be hard to know where to put your energy. Today I’m going to take a look at Pinterest. Pinterest isn’t your normal social media platform, Pinterest is a search engine.

Make your profile shine : It can be hard to know what to add in your description especially when you are working with a tight word count. Nicola Says has a great little list : 

  • What you are/do – e.g. a blogger, online store owner, graphic designer
  • What you offer visitors – e.g. fun family recipes, easy DIY crafts, home decor inspiration
  • Who your content is for – e.g. busy parents, ambitious female entrepreneurs, new photographers
  • A call to action – e.g. visit my blog for a new DIY every week, find my free course on my website
  • Add in a bit of your personality, too. Always, always be you and write in your style.

Add alt text and title text to all your images : Samantha Rickleton has a great list of tips on how she increased her blog referrals using Pinterest. But this is probably one of my favourites. The Alt text area of images is under used by everyone all the time. It’s an excellent SEO resource and you should really be adding alt text and title text to every image anyway but it is particularly important for Pinterest friendly images. Ensure this text includes a long description of your blog post and all of your keywords as it’s the text that is automatically added to your ‘Pin’ when this image is added to Pinterest. Your pin description is important as it’s one way people can find your pins.

Rich Pins : Everyone should have rich pins. It’s super easy to set up and can make a massive difference to your traffic. Rich pins contain information from your website, including stating you as the original source, your favicon (logo) is shown, the title is a bold-type headline and the first few lines from the post where the image has been pinned from. 

Tidy up your boards : Kimberly, Swoon Worthy, shares her tips on how she increased her traffic including tidying up her board.  Delete any under performing pins and importantly add descriptions to your boards which include your keywords. Remember Pinterest is a search engine, keywords are vital. Pinterest-guru Jen Stanbrook, Love Chic Living, also suggests having a dedicated brand/blog board at the top of the layout which only contains pins from your site. It’s a great way to show a pinner ALL of your fabulous content in one place. Top tip! 

Create beautiful pins :  Jen, Love Chic Living, also shares what images do best. Images should be portrait or vertical, about 1000px x 750px ish, containing visually attractive lifestyle content. Try not to include faces or cut out images, these don’t do well. Add some teaser text or overlay words to help people see immediately what problem you’re solving. This can work particularly well for blog posts that aren’t focused on the visuals. 

Jen also has a collection of free Pinterest courses so do check out her blog : Pinterest Courses

Use your analytics : Pinterest comes with it’s own analytics. Hands up if you ever actually had a look? Nope me neither! Jill, My Kids Time, goes through in depth using them from what your popular pins are, who your audience is and what interests them. These three key stats are sure to make your Pinterest strategy a whole lot better.  

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If you have any top tips regarding Pinterest do share them in the comments below.  Next month’s theme is about confidence and guilt around being a Mum in Business. Please do tweet your blog links to @CharlieMoos.

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Joanne is a 30 something coffee lover living in rural Dorset with her long suffering partner and three children Charlie (2007), Megan (2008) and Olive (2011). Joanne is owner, designer and creator at Charlie Moo's specialising in handmade fabric party bags. She also writes a small business blog, is a Sage Business Expert and author of Crafting a Successful Small Business. In 2010 Joanne was named Dorset Business Mother of the Year and has numerous accolades and awards to her name. In her spare time she likes to eat and watch crime dramas sometimes at the same time!

Honest Mum

Thursday 16th of March 2017

I adore Pinterest, it's a picture search engine meets social platform and is one of my happy places online. The description of the image is really important and I find my food images do really well on there. Worth requesting to join popular shared boards too to add your pins too. You can also pin videos directly from YT on the share button. Fab tips here :)

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